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What the heck happened?

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What the heck happened?

Post by dnetdrive » Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:23 pm


My 3G Vita was working fine last time i booted. I was using a sim card to have internet, using Molecular & Vita Shell without any problem. Today, and after a Summer break, i turned on my Vita and she doesn't recognize any sim card, Tryed 2 different sim cards, always the No SIM message. What happened here? I'm very confused and since i do not have wifi at home, i'm a little f**. Any other situation with a sim card suddenly stopping to work or could it be a sim card reader failure ? Any help? And again, thank you for the forum.

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Re: What the heck happened?

Post by GreenGoblin12 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 7:05 pm


I don't know the problem, but my friends PS Vita last week had a similar problem, but seeing as he used Henkaku since the initial release, its been fine, but now his 3G version has developed a problem with his mem card slot, wifi and the sim card slot they don't function at all and the firmware got messed up. Its been running fine before but something on the firmware messed his system up (he said it booted in okay, then it went to black screen, tried recovery but the henkaku fw would not load.

don't know if it could be some bugs in the firmware itself, but a lot of this stuff has popped up on the forums lately.

Sorry I can not help, but thought I'd share this as well.

I want to try Henkaku but if there's a risk of bricking/bugs messing up the vita, then its turning me away from this.

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