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#420702 by ali_ihsan21
Tue Nov 07, 2017 12:31 pm
On my Vita SD2VITA is set as ux0 and Vita memory as uma0 and running PSP games when I want to do the same I mean running PSP games from USB stick and vita games from ux0 vitashell cant reach both at the same time.

It recognizes ux0 sd2vita which is 64 GB but when I want to mount usb to ux0 it doesnt work.

Scenario on Vita working fine I mean when I put vita memory card inside PS TV its the uma0 and sd2vita is ux0 but I cant set usb to ux0 even though its working like alone.

Any idea ?


Not possible atm

usbmc.skprx and gamesd.skprx won't work together · Issue #8 · yifanlu/usbmc
I have both cards with sd in my 3G vita and want to load both drivers. Is ther a way to load usbmc and sd2vita at same time, One as ux0 and one as uma0 ? Or anything else ? Yesterday read something...

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