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cloning an sd card used in ps2vita

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cloning an sd card used in ps2vita

Post by razorrune » Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:24 pm

Hello everyone.

I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere, but with hours of searching the web, I can find no obvious answer.

Anyway, I have a 64G sd card now in my psvita running henkaku 3.60 fw and using sd2vita adapter. I wish to 'clone' the 64G card to a 128G card, as the 64G is 95% full now.
I tried a straight copy, no luck. I tried formatting the new card via the Wolo instructions : Setting up your SD2Vita adapter – Formatting your microSD can be done on Windows, and then copying the card contents, no luck.

The vita recognizes both cards, the 128G shows up in settings, shows half full, but no icons show up on the homescreen beyond page 2 (the 64G card shows 5 screens of icons, including molecular shell and vita shell). when the databases are built initially when i change cards out, the 64G takes about 9 seconds to build, and the 128G takes about 2 seconds. So it is clearly not loading all the 'other stuff' that was copied over.

I'm about to try a sd cloning program to completely duplicate the 64G to the 128G.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone successfully changed from a smaller sd card to a larger one, without reinstalling every thjng over again.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!! Thank you.

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