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#418930 by Arcadeistan
Wed Jun 28, 2017 4:07 am
I've seen many versions mentioned like LuaPlayerHM, LuaPlayerPlus, LuaPlayerEuphoria, ExtremeLuaPlayer, PhoenixGameEngine but I have no idea which is the best, any suggestions and links please?
#420433 by ponpon
Fri Oct 20, 2017 9:56 pm
I'm not very smart when it comes to computer stuff, I feel very out of place around communities like this but from my experience, I would say LuaPlayer Euphoria V8 is the best in my opinion. Then LUA Player Plus r148 (Beta Version) would be my second. It may also depend on what type of project you're going for. Like the only PSP Project I've developed was this homebrew called Learn Japanese and I really wanted Japanese fonts to display on there. Initially I used LuaPlayer Euporhia v3 and it didn't have the ability to display Japanese text, but it had mp3 support so I used that for my first 6 releases. Then for my v0.7 release I switched to LuaPlayerHM 8.1 which had the ability to display and input Japanese text which was great, but the trade-off was that it didn't have mp3, ogg, at3 and other sound formats. Also I believe would routinely crash due to memory errors but that may have been due to my amateurish coding.

Eventually LuaPlayer Euporhia V8 came around and it had a option to use the IntraFont.STRING_UTF8 argument which would enable Japanese text so I switched to that for my v0.8 release. And aroudn that time, a new Lua Player Plus had just released which allowd MP4 playback and some other really cool features. However, again it didn't have intrafont so no Japanese text in that build.

So for my final v0.9 release in 2013 I decided to include both LuaPlayer Euphoria V8 and Lua Player Plus r142 EBOOTs inside my game, and I had a option for users to switch builds in the options menu. So one build would have Japanese text input but no MP4, while the other had MP4 but no Japanese text input. The reason I used lpp r142 instead of r148 was because r142 had mp3 support while r148 only accepted wav.

Fast forward to now, I haven't turned on my PSP in over 4 years. But a week ago when I was experimenting with my SNES classic, I stumbled on some PSP Go hacking videos. I had purchased a PSP Go back in 2011 but I hardly used it. At the time there were some Half byte loaders and methods to enable homebrew, and I dabbled in it briefly. So then I started seeing videos on a pernament cfw solution and also ways to mod the M2 memory to allow 128GB microSD storage and that's why I've been experimenting with the PSP again mainly for retro emulators. And wow great timing, Kouchan66 had just recently released a Micro SD to M2 adapter. I'm waiting for that to arrive.

So all this has got me into wanting to develop a new version of my Learn Japanese homebrew. I know I'm hella late and the PSP homebrew scene is pretty much dead but when I got that urge I just want to do it XD

I've been messing with r148 recently, and I can imagine all the great stuff I can do with it. I would like to add RPG elements to my app where there will be a town with random enemy encounters. And it'll be turn based fighting system where animated cut scenes will display inbetween certain attacks. I've tested r148 and MP4 is able to play consistently on there. With r142, about every 2 or 3 videos played, the MP4 decoder crashes so I'm going to try r148 next time even though it only supports wav audio.

r148 does have intrafont however it doesn't allow the IntraFont.STRING_UTF8 option which would enable Japanese text. I've asked for help but it appears that it's not possible, well at least not with my limited knowledge. So I may just use the workaround I did in v0.9 which would be to alternate between builds in the options menu.

Also there's a Lua Player Plus 163 which is the latest version. But it has a lot of problems. MP4 playback doesnt work, and it crashes on me constantly even just running a Hello World program. So to make a long story short, LuaPlayer Euphoria V8 and Lua Player Plus r148 is what I'm going to use for my next release.

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