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PSTV USB mounting issues

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PSTV USB mounting issues

Post by Armed_&_Overclocked » Mon Sep 18, 2017 1:55 am

Good Day,

Hello folks i searched for this problem, but didn't see any threads about it so i am starting my own.

i have a PSTV on 3.60 enso, and the most recent (as of today 9/17/2017) version of Vitashell. I have a USB thumb drive attached to use in lieu of it's memory card, and in vitashell USB is set to memory card.

Here's my problem. I've gone through the mounting process (mount as Umao, copy Uxo, and Mounth as UXOetc..), and i get an error. I exit, restart and attempt to mount as UXO again.

On the second try i end up with vitashell closing, but upon re-entry i get a "corrupted file" error. I believe the mounting is successful as my games appear to be unaffected, but i lost the ability to use Vita shell. Also even with enso it appears anytime the PSTV is shut off the USB has to be remounted as UXO.

Does anyone know a possible solution to the vitashell corruption problem, and is there also a determinant mounting solution to maintain the USB as UXO.

Thanks in advance for any assistance and also for the stuff Wololo puts out. Jailbreaking my Vita and my PSTV has made them so much more enjoyable, especially since i can maidump my store bought games so i am not tethered to the actual game cards.

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