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#420011 by svenn
Sat Sep 16, 2017 7:49 am
Hey all,

My faithfull PSP has recently died ... I have a bunch of UMD games i love to play. (To be fair; the console was hacked and i just ran thé games and homebrew from a Sony card.) Button i legally owner them.

Now both Vita and PSP i Cant buy new so my question is can i buy a Vita and play PSP backups and homebrew fairly stable on 3.60? I looked for other devices like gpd xd but PSP emulator is a nogo.

I guess henkaku enso is thé way to go ? How do i dump games for thé vita ? Can i safely buy second hand games for Vita ?

Thx :)
#420013 by _iDevIceXsi_
Sat Sep 16, 2017 1:52 pm
Hi there i assume you are new here
Wololo site has an all in one tutorial of how to do stuff on the vita. to your question you can dump games and play backups though i wont show you how since its against the policy, But homebrew and backups and psvita games and much more are all very stable and good, if u are going to buy a second hahnd vita make sure its firmware is under 3.60 or at 3.60 or else you cant do anything if you have any questions jsut ask me in private message, ill be moer then glad to help you ;)
#420019 by joseph_tn
Sat Sep 16, 2017 10:10 pm
if you want only play psp game and hobrew/emulator buy a psp, if you want all HENKAKU world in your hands (better emulator, better screen quality, more support a graeat psp-ps1 emulation with vsh, possibilty to get psvita game dump ecc try psvita (3.60 fw or lower)

think this

psp: -complet psp-hack compatibility and UMD physical support all plugin work and work downgrade ps1 game is very very good ! and psp game work great, some emulator work good, multyplayer is not very good. internet browser is very very bad

psvita: support for psvita game 3.60 or lower f.w support. a lot of emulator work very great (nds and n64 have problem gba work good ) multyplayer is good but you risk a ban, ps1 game and psp (with adrenaline) work very very great! and now for adrenaline activation is not important! NO UMD PHYSICAL SUPPORT, multymedia good compatibility, bowser is good psn is great but you risk a ban or deactivation if you go on psn with henkaku the sd cost is very expansive, a little bit hard to use henkaku cfw

for help, wololo help you!

sorry for my english
#420082 by svenn
Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:40 pm
Thx both! I decided I will buy a VITA, I have all my UMD's backed up already. And with the SD2Vita it seems i don't even have to buy the VITA cards anymore. So I'm good to go :) Obviously I will check out the games that are available on the VITA aswel !

Thanks for the advice !

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