HENkaku is a native Homebrew Enabler for the PS Vita and PS TV. It lets you run homebrews on the PS Vita

Due to some reports that this plugin crashes your Vita (PCH-1XXX) i have to ask if it does for you!

#419491 by ldpinku
Sat Aug 12, 2017 11:11 pm
BeatPlay wrote:As everybody should know overclocking decreases your SoT (Screen-on-Time), so I thought it would be nice to see an estimated time how long you can play with your overclock. :idea:

My modified Amphetamin Plugin adds:
-Overclocking (NEW: GPU XBAR Frequency)
-Added optional auto-overclock
-Added optional auto-underclock
-Remaining battery (in mAh)
-Estimated SoT
-Estimated time to fully charge the battery
-Battery temperature
-custom Controller color (FULL RGB) (PS TV)

This plugin is based on uo_amphetamin by Rinnegatamante.


If you talk about clocks, write them like this: CPU/BUS/GPU (/XBAR)! Thank you :D

    - added PSN info (WIP)
    - added ability to display Temp in Fahrenheit
    - added OC Profiles (USE L+R or config.txt to change)
    - auto_oc/auto_uc/auto_uc_ext have been deprecated
    - added custom Controller color (FULL RGB)
    -added a theme engine (deactivated, because malfunctioning)
    -TV/Vita exclusive features are now automaticly enable/disabled
    -moved config to /plugins
    -partially fixed PSN-Info
    -Added blacklist based KPPS (Kernel Panic Prevention System, no more blackscreens and crashes!)
    -added optional auto-overclock
    -added optional autt-underclock with 2 levels (111/111/111/111 or 41/41/41/41)
    -added GPU XBAR frequency
    -added config file
    -added battery temperature
    -added game TITLE_ID
    -little layout adjust
    -fixed text allignment
    -fixed typo
    -long press time changed to 2sec
    -fixed clockrate not changing
    -removed faulty FPS counter
    -allowing 222mhz GPU
    -made overclocking more precise
    -deactivated inital auto overclock
    -minor bug fixes for various games
    -initial release

-[PSN-Info compatible Games]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

PSN-Info only works on some games, but I sadly dont have the time or internet speed to test many games... it would be great if you could send me some data! please write them like this:


Assasins Creed III: Liberation, 1.00, US, Vitamin 2
Sonic Racing Transformed, 1.00, EU, Vitamin 1.1
Sony Allstars Battle Royale, 1.02, EU, Vitamin 1

Still need more data! Please help!

-[Whats next?]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-Working PSN Info [High Priority]
-Add a Kernel Panic Prevention System [High Priority] [Finished]
-Fix Theme Engine (set Background/Foreground/Text color in config.txt) [Normal Priority]
-Model detection [Normal Priority] [Finished]
-Moving config.txt to /ux0:/plugins(/amphetamin) [Low Priority] [Finished]
-Home Button Led Control (Color + Animation) [Low Priority]
-Stoping auto dimming [Low Priority]


Sourcecode (v3.5-beta2): https://github.com/BeatPlay/BetterAmphetaminPlugin
Precompiled (v3.5-beta2): https://github.com/BeatPlay/BetterAmphe ... /releases/

-[Random stuff]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Please give me feedback, beacause this is my first Homebrew (and thread on Wololo). Oh and dont forget to report bugs ill fix them as fast as I can! :D

Use Henkaku r6 or r2 for best performance :D


PS: Please dont report crashes that happen when you open the menu while loading or (auto)saving, those arent fixable, because of how the Vita shedules saving/loading tasks! Thank you!

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