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#419484 by drakonia667
Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:58 pm
Hi all, i have a weird problem with my Vita and SD2VITA. I have a 256GB SD card, installed Henkaku Enso and so on. SD is mounted as ux0: and original Sony card (4GB) as uma0:. But i can't install from VPKs (gives me error 0xFFFFFFFF), only a few files working (Vitashell, Stranded...). So i've tried installing from MaiDumpTool. But there i have an error "Can't install from folder PCESxxxx".
Is this problem caused by my SD card? It's 256GB, but "noname".
Vitashell 1.62, tried to copy via FTP and directly to the SD, the same issue.

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