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#419417 by OperationNT
Tue Aug 08, 2017 10:45 pm

On PlayStation TV, some titles unlocked though AntiBlackList could crash due unexpected SceCamera API answers (because they were never conceived to run on a device without camera). This plugin could intervene to "simulate" expected answers and, therefore, avoid some crashes.

The version 1.1 also introduces the possibility to load a BMP file into camera output buffer (even in games which properly worked without the plugin). This feature has a dependency on DSMotion.

On some rare games, the access to "ux0:/data" is not allowed so kernel file access calls must be used. So, version 1.2 introduces those game support but with an additional dependency on KUIO plugin (from Rinnegatamante).


For each title which crashes when it should activate the camera, you can add those lines in ux0:tai/config.txt:

Code: Select all*TITLEID00

OR (if you wish to load a BMP file into camera output buffer)

Code: Select all*KERNEL


OR (if the BMP feature doesn't seem to work)

Code: Select all*KERNEL


Replace **TITLEID00** by your title identifier or by **ALL** to affect all titles.

DO NOT use "fakecamera.suprx", "fakecamerabmp.suprx" or "fakecamerakbmp.suprx" on the same configuration!


PCSF00007 - WipEout 2048 - The game won't crash on a multiplayer session start! (due to the useless picture feature)
PCSF00214 - Tearaway - It won't crash but it will be locked on some asked interactions, like shaking the PS Vita (use DSMotion to by-pass this problem)

BMP load compatibility

PCM300001 - Pro Camera Vita - Works fine
VITASHELL - Vita Shell - Works fine in QR scan feature
NPXS10007 - Welcome Park - Works fine in "Hello Face" and "Snap + Slide" (ARGB format test case) mini-games
PCSB00031 - Virtua Tennis 4 - Works fine in "CAM VT" mode (packed YUV422 format test case)
PCSF00214 - Tearaway - Works fine
PCSF00007 - WipEout 2048 - Works fine with low resolution images (tested with 64x64)
PCSF00043 - Frobisher Says - "fakecamerakbmp.suprx" is mandatory! Works fine (planed YUV420 format test case) but loading times are highly slowed down

Please report if you find a title where this feature doesn't work (just check with a low resolution BMP image and with "fakecamerakbmp.suprx" before reporting).

Download link

https://github.com/OperationNT414C/Fake ... es/tag/1.2
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#419453 by Dorian22
Thu Aug 10, 2017 1:24 pm
OperationNT wrote:No, it doesn't write into the camera output buffer so the image stays black (or uninitialized).
I will try to see if it would be possible to output a user default image.

I didnt have any problem with Uncharted when i played it on PSTV time ago. The camera puzzle got resolved automatically..

Anyway, it is not fully playable because of the motion controlled river level and one of the balance minigames (all the other logs can be rolled through).


#419576 by OperationNT
Sat Aug 19, 2017 3:32 pm
Dorian22 wrote:Anyway, it is not fully playable because of the motion controlled river level and one of the balance minigames (all the other logs can be rolled through).

I developed a plugin to add support for motion control:

Can you make a report if it allows you to pass the Uncharted sequences you were refering?
#419585 by OperationNT
Sun Aug 20, 2017 11:24 am
As I said in the limitation parts of DSMotion, I am aware that some computations are incorrect (and I ask help for someone who have maths/IMU skills to fix it).
For example, when I tried the mini-game from Welcome Park (NPSX10007) where you must control a skateboard, the moving part works but the jump motion dection doesn't work.

Can you please send me your Uncharted save (dumped with "vita-savemgr") close to the moment with the issue and the action I must perform to reach the issue? I don't wish to play 4 hours to reach the part you are talking about :) .
#419592 by stranno
Sun Aug 20, 2017 10:04 pm
I have played though the game, again, and its perfectly playable on PSTV thanks to you.

All tilt minigames, including the river, work properly and X-axis are not reverted.

Light puzzle gets resolved automatically but, again, i'm not sure if it is because FakeCamera or it is the normal behaviour of the game (maybe a memory patch to a never ended compatibility update with this game from Sony) in Playstation TV. Once resolved and saved it will get resolved again no matter what so i cant try again without the plugin :?

I will upload the decryted savestate later.

Edit: Here is. It is for the PCSA00029 version. Dumped through vita-savemgr Nightly 144. Infamous river level is Level 12 (you start right there if you choose the level), camera puzzle is level 13 (same with this) and level 14 have a balance mini-game that is impossible to glitch (the first balance minigame, after a few minutes in the level).

https://1fichier.com/?g69dacd58t (it is a hotlink).

All the other balance mini-games can be glitched in order to past through them without doing the motion stuff. Its hard because it is one precise spot in each log but it can be done, i did it time ago.

Anyway, the game works perfect now.

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