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#419434 by big_Sakis25
Wed Aug 09, 2017 3:07 pm
KawaiiAurora wrote:Great game but I felt that I had to add a little something to make it more.. interesting!

I added the following:

1. The ability to increase and decrease your speed by pressing UP and DOWN on the d-pad respectively. Your score won't increase any quicker or slower.
2. Added a Milestones section in the game over screen with some silly remarks if you exceed a certain score!
3. Added "Modded by Aurora" in the Credits section

DISCLAIMER: This modded version only exists as a fun little thing that you can play around with. This homebrew is NOT mine and I just played around with some Lua files on TextEdit on OS X Leopard. If you get offended REAL easily, the milestones section isn't for you!
The speed changing functionality is what makes the game more entertaining for me :)

To install my 'mod', just install the VPK from the link below :) You can install it over the original VPK if you already installed the game.

Again, this mod doesn't mean any type of harm to the creator. It's just a fun little thing I did to make the game more enjoyable, for me anyway.


Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ep62kf5bxhsi3pl/CrazyTrafficJam3DMOD001.vpk?dl=0

haha great mod. nice small improvements. you know when I started this project I made it so you can speed up with Cross and slow down with Square, but I removed it to give some balance to the game and I also added the progressive speed up to make it more difficult the further you go. But it's nice to see mods of the game already.

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