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#419181 by Mati24
Sat Jul 29, 2017 12:16 pm

If I let my PS Vita during 15 minutes, I can't wake it up, I have to boot like it was shutdown.

I think the problem came with Henkaku but I'm not sure. I juste install Enso and I still have the problem

Do you have an idea ?

#419342 by nightwishfan1
Sun Aug 06, 2017 12:33 am
I'm gonna guess this is merely the work of a simple fail safe built into most gaming computers, computer esque devices, and gaming devices in which if the said device had been hot to a point internally where it feels hot to the touch or is exhausting more than usual hot air from it's cooling vents, then the said device can shut down on it's own simply cause the fan or heat sinks within have gone faulty for whatever reason, and the device has internally reached a unsafe temperature.

This can even happen in sleep mode since you're still asking the device to run in some capacity, and this still generates heat that the device cannot expel in a expedient manner, and cannot cool down. So the only means of saving itself is terminating any, and all operations by shutting itself down. It may seem odd, but if a given device were not able to do this then it would essentially burn itself up to an un-repairable state.

This issue typically has to deal with the age of the device, and how much wear, and tear is put onto it. Naturally the older the device is the more wear and tear it has in it's components. Especially if you game quite a bit on your vita.
Something is bound to give at some point, and you'll experience side effects like what you are now due to them.

So really this has nothing to do with henkaku in the least, and there's a few things to consider doing now. If you're comfortable with opening up electronics like your vita then you may want to do so and give the internals a thorough check, and possible cleaning. Second would probably be to invest a little bit of money into a fix, which would probably involve removing the existing, and possibly faulty heat sinks, and replacing them with better alternatives. Third would be only if you're are not comfortable with opening your vita, and or have no experience doing so, and that would be to find a shop that has a reputable reputation for fixing vitas in this capacity.
#419354 by Mati24
Sun Aug 06, 2017 5:54 am
Thank you for your answer, but the problem occurs every time, even if my Vita just start after one week without used it. So I don't think it's à hardware problem.
I didn’t have the problem before hacked it and it happens directly.
Maybe I have to reset the Vita first before considering it's a hardware problem.
#419360 by nightwishfan1
Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:00 pm
Well I did some searching on it, and this is even talked about on official sony site forums, and seems persistent even in unmodified units. The only problem is a lot of the users mentioning the problem don't mention which generation vita they have. Which means as I said henkaku has nothing to really do with it, and possibly the age of the vita you own in particular is the cause. For example I'd be willing to be that vitas from the 1000's line have experienced this problem, as they are first gen vita units, and are therefore the oldest. Everything after are (depending how you view some) are improvements over the original that addressed certain issues that cropped up and were known about, as well as just general feature enhancements, and of course reduced the overall size and weight of the unit. So the chance for such a problem in those is reduced.

Now with that said some such users have gone, and done what you said, but really have gotten anywhere between a week to a few months without the problem occurring again (from what I'm reading), but this could all be due to the fact that they drew the same conclusion I did in that the issue is hardware related, and may have cut back usage on their vitas a bit to get as much as time as possible out of it before the problem resurfaced. And possibly even before sending them back to sony for a proper fix, which you don't want to do.

All henkaku is probably realistically doing is creating a slight bit more overall cpu usage on the vita, which overall may create a unnoticeable heat we're talking marginal. So it's a unknown issue that can't be properly addressed by way of talking about it. You just have to consider how old your vita is, how much overall time you game on it in a month and the impact that may have had over the course of time you owned it if game time hadn't changed much since purchase to now, and just be aware of how hot your vita feels after playing for a set amount of time, and consider the options going down the road with it.

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