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#419371 by SpikeOnly
Mon Aug 07, 2017 3:32 am
Hi there ! Long time I didn't touch my Vita (was in 3.36 custom bubbles for...2 years now ?) and have just receive two SD2Vita cards. However I wanted to backup some data and got this error after any file transfer


Edit : meh, seems that picture doesn't want to show up, here's on the screenshot : "An error occured (C0-14261-6)".

I tried to update to 3.60 (QCMA updated and tried the version too), change driver but nothing changed. I can transfer files from PC to Vita but not Vita to PC.

As I'll use my SD2Vita as main game card, I wanted to backup savedata from my current game cards to use it on backup if possible (still not search if it was possible but I guess it is) so that's why I wanted to use QCMA (or am I too old school :| ?)

Last question : I discovered the joy of maiDump, are games currently installed on my memory card (just installed one for testing) will be movable easily as simple files on SD2Vita or will I need to reinstall them using maiDump ?

Thanks a lot for your answers :D

An old school guy.

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