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#419266 by Thibault1171
Wed Aug 02, 2017 2:18 pm
Hi guys, I'm following the scene from the beggining of Henkaku (I even tried the PSM hack before it, and a couple of homebrews running Henkaku on another account). But I'm a bit afraid of being banned if I use my account for "standard/legit" stuff while spoofing latest version.

First , I WON'T download illegally stuff, I have almost all games I want for Psvita, so NO piracy for me.

My PSVita is running 3.60 and is activated. So I don't know if I'm affected by this: ... ion-files/
My PSTV seems not to be activated anymore (I just tried to put a memory card inside to play FFX on my TV, and it told me it's not activated)

Here is a list of things I'm not sure I can do safely :

Normal use of Vita:
- Remote play my PS4 (vita and PS4 on my main account)
- Sync Trophies with Sony's servers
- Access PSN and buy/download games
- Update games
- Play online

Henkaku things (without $ony knows) :
- Use Homebrews
- Use Adrenaline/custom PSP bubbles
- Use Henkaku Enso patch
- Plugins (VitaBattery, DS3Vita, DS4Vita, VitaFlux,...)
- Use a SD2VITA adapter
- Use a USB key on my PSTV

Can I do those things without getting banned?

Thanks a lot!
#419328 by nightwishfan1
Fri Aug 04, 2017 5:17 pm
It's honestly unknown what can be safely done really since the article is fairly recent, however I'm confident in saying that those who pirate, and download their games outside of psn are the ones being targeted.....possibly even have hacked versions of such games that allow cheats as well. However most of what you want to do from the perspective of other users seems to be still do-able. Just stick to the legitimate card copies of the games you have, and you should be ok, unless someone in that article notes specifically doing the things you want, as say.....the last thing they did on their vita or pstv before having their activation messed with. Like if they note being a henkaku user on 3.60, and syncing trophies is the last thing they did (not that syncing trophies is the cause, but as a scenario) then that would be a strong hint as to what to stay away from doing.

However it is important to note and should go without saying that using the homebrew apps that may have a means of online interaction should not be used at all. The rest of your homebrew concerns should be safe since they don't require accessing the internet and interacting with it.
#419401 by Thibault1171
Tue Aug 08, 2017 9:08 am
Hi, thanks for your reply.
So, if I understood well, I might do those things safely.
But as "account de-activation" is recent, it may be not a good idea to test those things now, right?
#419501 by nightwishfan1
Mon Aug 14, 2017 12:17 am
Honestly I'm just like you as far as my activation goes. I haven't noticed anything wrong with it, cause like you I use legitimate card copies of games, and have no interest in using dumps with cheats online, or in any capacity that would give sony more incentive to take a closer look at my account. Nor do I have any interest in homebrew apps that may interact online in some form. I'm still accessing psn and syncing trophies totally fine. From what I gather about reading about this issue online is these two things shouldn't be possible once sony messes with ones activation since usually your activated profile is used to access psn on the vita or pstv, and syncing trophies uses that accounts access to sync your trophies to the psn servers.

I don't think it's as simple as sony seeing everyone who uses 3.60 firmware that's spoofing 3.65, cause if that were the case I shouldn't be accessing psn or syncing trophies at all, and since it's the account I use on my ps4 as well then I'd expect that access would be cut there as well, which hasn't happened either. In other words I'm still in the firm belief that those dumping illegal copies of games and cheating with them online via psn are targeted, since there are obviously a few variables at play for that to happen.

One being an online opponent can see, and report the activity of such a user. This obviously will have sony's eyes all over such individuals, and when they figure out these people are cheating on a game that may not have cheats.......well it's as easy as adding 1+1 then.

Second. A ton of trophies synced to psn at once for an inexplicable reason. Again sony can see that then, and give them more reason to look at the account in question.

Again as I mentioned in my first post. I would not use homebrew that accesses the internet in any form whatsoever. Your legit card copies of games should be fine, however I'd reconsider using any plug-ins you may have installed for them if you take them online. Henkaku enso should be fine if you don't screw around too much with things that make it easier for sony to target you.
#419536 by Thibault1171
Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:47 am
Thanks for your reply. Wait and see, but I hope it'll be fine :D

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