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Wed Mar 29, 2017 1:42 pm

Vita Object Loader is a 3D model viewer wrote with lpp-vita fully opensource.
It can be used for benchmark purposes (take in mind models are soft rendered!) or just for fun.
It supports Wavefront (.obj) models but with some restrictions: only triangles primitives, materials are not supported.

How to adapt a model

To be sure your model will be compatible with Vita Object Loader you can use Blender to convert it into a triangles primitives one.
You can follow this short tutorial to do so:
1) Start Blender v.2.7.
2) Remove the default cube and import your model.
3) On bottom screen where you see "Default Mode", click it and select Edit Mode
4) If your model is not selected, press A to select it.
5) Press CTRL+T
6) Export the model as Wavefront (.obj). (Uncheck during exporting the Write Materials box)


DPad = Navigate through files
A = Open Directory / File
Square = Enable / Disable 444 Mhz mode
SELECT = Take screenshot
START = Exit Homebrew

Left Analog = Move Model
Right Analog = Rotate model
L / R = Zoom In / Zoom Out
Circle = Close current model

How to use textures

You can use a texture with your model by inserting a PNG/JPG/BMP file with the same name as the model in the same folder (so like ux0:/model.obj and ux0:/model.png ).



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#419137 by Rinnegatamante
Sun Jul 23, 2017 2:36 pm
v.1.1 released!


Code: Select all- Now the homebrew uses hardware acceleration for rendering phase.
- Removed non-fullscreen mode for compatibility reasons.

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