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#418500 by Thibault1171
Sat May 27, 2017 10:29 am
Hi guys, as a lot of people here, I'm running 3.60 (on both my PSVita and my PSTV). Both are linked to my MAIN account (the one that I used with my PSPs, and now with PS3 and PS4).
For now, I use my PSTV only for remote play (and Vita for games). So I'm spoofing latest firmware using Henkaku.
I want to use a few more things (like plugins, homebrews). I've tested it on a different account (using a USB stick), and Adrenaline was very good.

But I am a bit afraid of using plugins or things like Adrenaline on my main account, as I don't want it to get banned.

→ Can we "spoof" (or hide) plugins and things like Adrenaline to $ony? I'm a bit afraid to have an entry called "Adrenaline" in my last played games. Or to get my account banned because I use plugin such as Shellbat (battery percentage in status bar: ... tatus-bar/ )

Btw, Henkaku R10 is out since yesterday, so may be it'll change something (changelog is here:

Thanks for help.
#418792 by Thibault1171
Mon Jun 12, 2017 7:27 am
Pyroplayerx wrote:Hey! I have been using my vita for a bit now and been playing and syncing my trophies as well as playing on Adrenaline and haven't gotten banned or heard of anyone getting banned for that matter.

Did you just installed it, or did you disguised it (to look like a normal PSP game)?

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