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Is henkaku necessary for my situation?

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Is henkaku necessary for my situation?

Post by cujo » Tue May 23, 2017 2:44 pm

Hello. Im currently on version 3.36 on my vita and can get most roms I have tried to load. Donkey kong I had to find an older version but with kirby 3 and kirby superstar I just get a black screen. I am using then snes9tyl emu and didn't know if there was something i was doing wrong. Is there another Emu I can use or any way to put retroarch on 3.36? or do i need to update to 3.60 and does retroarch emulate kirby ones games?
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Re: Is henkaku necessary for my situation?

Post by joseph_tn » Tue May 23, 2017 11:49 pm

with henkaku you have accesso to more features ex adrenaline (psp and psx perfect emulation), hombrew, port of game, more compatibility with some emulator, dupmed game (a """ISO""" of psvita game) dlc and update, psn spoofing, direct homebrew dowloader (psvita HBB), and much much more! :D

YES KIRBY WORK ON RETROARCH (USE ALL IN ONE RETRO AR. EMULATOR) only problem is on NDS emulation but on 3.36 still don't work, ps1 emulation work a bit on retroarch but use adrenaline to emulate ps1 game

for me? YES update to 3.60! NOTE USE HENKAKU DNS!! don't update after 3.60 ver.!!
i do the same fact and this is the best idea i ever do about my psvita!! i make a second life for my psvita!

3.36 is a "not supPorted" version for hacking world...

and henkaku enso is coming!



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