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#401446 by ali_ihsan21
Mon Nov 23, 2015 10:37 pm
I'm wondering if there is any game for Vita like Star Wars Battlefront 2. I want it to be first person shooter, short skirmish like battles and I know that would be a high expectation but just like in battlefront ability to use vehicles, planes in different maps.

Only if EA would release battlefront 3 for Vita, I wouldn't want online mod even single play would be enough reason to buy a Vita. Sadly even consoles missing single mod. dang is it really that difficult ? No story mod, no single :cry:

Edit: Fifty views no reply. Well, no surprise. I got it, thank you. :lol:
#418404 by ali_ihsan21
Mon May 22, 2017 7:04 am
If someone would tell me that Killzone have skirmish mod with its botzone DLC I would buy that handheld 2 years ago :?

Not as fun as Battlefront since you can play on the ground, sky, spaceship interior and space numerous vehciles but still you can fight against enemy bots with friendly ones.

I couldnt find such a mod on Borderlands, CoD and Resistance or in any other shooter games, if there is through a DLC just like Killzone please inform me guys.

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