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#418336 by Startropic1
Wed May 17, 2017 8:02 pm
I have a Vita 1101 (og 3g model) and I changed the motherboard to get down to FW 3.60. However, after I put everything back together it won't turn on. The home button doesn't even glow orange consistently when I plug in the charger. If I plug into a USB 3.0 or charge on the wall, there's no orange glow. However, if I hold the power button it blinks orange once, then shuts off.

I suppose the battery could have lost its charge from being disconnected. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm leaving the charger plugged in for a bit, but no solid orange so I'm not so sure it's charging.

The old mobo was running FW 3.65, (newest because I needed to access PSN to download all my digital games.) Does this have anything to do with anything?
#418338 by Startropic1
Wed May 17, 2017 9:16 pm
I figured out the problem. Just in case anyone else ever encounters this:
I popped the Vita open again and found a couple issues, both related to the battery, or rather the wire(s) connected to it:
1. Apparently the connection to the board is a bit loose, (nothing is damaged, just not the tightest fit in the world anymore.) So I have to make sure it's in there snug. It's working now, but if any future issues arise I will solve it once and for all with some electrical tape. 8-)
2. So there are three wires that run through the connector tab for the battery. One of these 3 wires some how got pushed back into the connector, thus only 2 of those wire pins were actually connecting with the board. I just had to realign the one loose-ish wire so that all 3 pin tips were properly lined up again and all was good. 8-)

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