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#418293 by cnsldv
Fri May 12, 2017 6:56 am
The Vita video player isn't the best, but it's all we have right now. This simple homebrew removes the need to import your videos into CMA/QCMA on your computer, one of the biggest issues with the standard app IMO.

I tested on my collection, but they come from personal DVDs so it's not tested with a wide variety of formats.

I don't personally use the music or photo app, but if there is interest I might add importing those into their apps.

What it does
* adds mp4 files found in ux0:/video and subdirectories to the video player database
* removes from database videos whose files cannot be found
* sets icons if found with same filename & extension .THM, .thm, .JPG or .jpg

What it doesn't do
* add files under uma0: for some reason the video player says "file type not supported" (uma0: mapped as ux0: works)
* check whether the media is actually playable
* create thumbnail (this is done by video app when you start it)
* set video size metadata (maybe later)
* import photos & videos into the camera app (maybe later)
* import music into the music app (maybe later)

Download and install the vpk. Place .mp4 files in ux0:/video and run it whenever you have added or removed media. When mounting USB as ux0: on VitaTV you might need to run every time you remount, nevermind it only takes a minute. Press cross to update the database or triangle to delete all media from the database (not the files). Now go to the video player to play your videos.

Download: https://github.com/cnsldv/MediaImporter/releases
Source: https://github.com/cnsldv/MediaImporter
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#418295 by DiKeJ
Fri May 12, 2017 9:49 am
Amazing job! Could you possibly think about those media-import option for music and pictures? Will appreciate, thanks a lot once again :D :roll:
#418316 by cnsldv
Mon May 15, 2017 6:25 am
Updated to version 0.9 - now imports MP3s to Music app

* adds import of music from ux0:/music
* performance boost
* live update of "Added x videos" string
* fix for leaking file handles

* download and install the vpk
* place .mp4 files in ux0:/video
* place .mp3 files in ux0:/music
* run MediaImporter and press cross to add them to the databases
* press triangle to remove all items from the databases (leaving files intact)
* go to Video Player to play your videos
* go to Music Player to play your mp3s

Known Limitations
* music doesn't play at all from USB even when mounted as ux0:
* even mounting USB as ux0: and unmounting breaks the Music player (not really MediaImporter's fault)
* sometimes (especially on first import) you will get an error trying to play in Music player, reboot to fix and it should then be OK to import more without rebooting
* when mounting USB as ux0: you will need to rerun MediaImporter to add your videos

The Music player seems to have a background process that causes issues when mounting USB as ux0: I will continue to look into the music issues but this is at least usable on the Vita.

VitaShell can play mp3s from USB, maybe that's a better option for playing from USB.

Download: https://github.com/cnsldv/MediaImporter/releases
Source: https://github.com/cnsldv/MediaImporter
#418329 by cnsldv
Tue May 16, 2017 5:48 pm
Made a minor update release 0.91 with the inclusion of video folders as requested on Reddit.

Place your videos in ux0:video/A ux0:video/B... to get folders A,B... The video player only seems to support one level so I used the top level under video, which seemed to be the same as QCMA.

Links etc same as previous posts.
#418446 by Gordon`
Thu May 25, 2017 12:35 am
Good job. Importing music works fine,

Would be nice to also import music from ur0:
That is where I have my music stored (using VitaShell to play music from there)

Is it enough to add the path here and recompile this?

Edit: nope does not work. it detects and imports the mp3's but can't play it from ur0 :|
#418491 by dmaskell92
Fri May 26, 2017 8:39 pm
I've been using this and it's great. I hope you get photos figured out.
#418501 by GregoryRasputin
Sat May 27, 2017 11:43 am
A Twitter user of this app has reported problems, which led him to accidentally update his PS Vita, i suggested he create a post here, here are his tweets:

He also made a thread on my forum:
https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic ... -for-vita/

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