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right analog plugin camera patch

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right analog plugin camera patch

Post by rickpower » Sat Apr 29, 2017 8:56 am ... drenaline/
so i want to run this plugin and i have adrenaline 4.0 but i cant find seplugins folder anywhere in us0 or ms0 ..thou i have plugins folder in pspemu folder but have game.txt file also thou copying files and adding lines there wont get it to work ..can someone help please i want Dark Mirror to run bit nicer

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Re: right analog plugin camera patch

Post by joseph_tn » Thu May 04, 2017 11:07 pm

me work :/ simply i have dowloaded the plug-in here ( ... h_lite.rar)

extrated the camera_patch_lite folder and i put the folder on seplugins folder (FOLDER GO ON UX0:/PSPEMU SIMPLY THE MS0:/)

add the string to GAME.txt file ( ms0:/seplugins/camera_patch_lite/camera_patch_lite.prx )

i open adrenaline v4.0-- press select -- select recovery menu -- go on plugins options and i have enabled the camera_patch_lite.prx plugin (adrenaline resetted automatically) but strangely, the plugin voice is not at the down of list but i find in the middle of list...

try to re download the plugin and ceck the folder position and try to inseret only camera lite string on file game.txt.. ;) .

on extremis try to re-install/re-update adrenaline (but i thnik is usless) :|

if not work... sorry but (for now) i don't able to help you in this problem :)

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