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#417572 by Wurst-Case-Scenario
Wed Mar 29, 2017 6:19 pm
Hey there,
I got into PSP again in 2016 and I always wanted more games on my card without switching it so often.
Then I read some threads and created a 256GB (real 240GB) Memory Stick. Here is how I did it.

What I used.
-a PSP-3000 with CFW (6.60 Pro-C fix 3) already installed with another MS before.
-ANY Pro Duo Dual Adapter (Really, I also had a fake one.)
-2 Micro-SDXCs with the following spezifications: Class 10, UHS-1

I used 2x 128GB Micro-SDXC, so I don't know what will happen when you use 2 different sizes but it should work.
Both Micro-SDXCs were factory new. You would have to format them in a different way than normal, which I also haven't tried yet, but the Dual Adapter is very flimsy and I broke it so I gotta have to test it as soon as I receive my new adapter. The way it should work to format will also be written below.
DON'T swap the cards!!! (Slot 1 card into slot 2...) You perhaps have to format then!

The version with factory fresh cards:
1. Shut down your PSP and make sure it has full power.
2. Get your old SD out.
3. Put your Micro-SDXCs into the adapter.
4. Get it into the PSP.
5. The PSP will format it for you.
6. Shows (in my case) 240GB in OFW.

With already used Micro-SDXCs and the Dual Adapter: (don't know if it will work, tho.)
1. Get 1st Micro-SDXC into the slot 1. Leave the other slot empty!
2. Format it via PC. (Use Quick-Formatting.)
3. Do the same with the other Micro-SDXC.
4. Now start from where it would be new.

With already used Micro-SDXCs and the single slot adapter you receive with them:
1. Insert the Micro-SDXC into the adapter.
2. Format it via PC. (Use Quick-Formatting.)
3. Now start from where it would be new.

Now do all the transferring stuff via your plugged PSP. Never remove the cards to get stuff on it. EVERYTHING via PSP!
Oh, and i always needed 15-20 seconds t oaccess to XMB, so more space isn't always better. ;)

When you need help comment below. :)
#417589 by Butcher
Thu Mar 30, 2017 9:20 pm
Whoo man - who dont know that - format normal in MSPD adapter 2xmicrosd in PSP or in PC and work.

But why use on PSP that many GB i play 1 max 2 games on PSP that same time - copy to card 1 game its 2m max from PC.

Nice have all on once to archive that is one point on have that MSPD in PSP

I have all 99% USA isos of games + PSP Minis ,Homebrew etc on my HDD backuped 2,5" and all is like 90GB.

but for my 8GB in PSP is to much
#417603 by Wurst-Case-Scenario
Fri Mar 31, 2017 6:25 pm
Don't know why I did so much, but I wanted to see if it's really possible. And even the OFW detect the full 240GB. Also nice to see that fake adapters also work. Got mine for 1,61€
I Would have done more GB but loading XMB would take half a minute and more and 140€ on Micro-SDXC cards was too much for me. 70€ were enough. :)
1 game is ~1GB. I have a bit over 30 games and 37,5GB.
#417608 by Butcher
Fri Mar 31, 2017 9:56 pm
First all Tablet ,PC etc - what have some slot SD ,microSD etc or USB support much more then day when was relese like Example PSP have what 8GB was max that days but in adapter support what u put. Also Game on PSP i 500-1,4GB or small PSP minins 300MB max.
#418094 by Skimbo
Sun Apr 30, 2017 4:17 am
I think I can help you with this as I have done it a few times now. First off let me say that my media card reader in PC does not play well with the dual adapters and caused one microSD to get written with corrupt data causing it to no longer format. Fortunately SanDisk replaced. Just do it all through your PSP to PC connection. The PSP always seems to be able to read the dual adapters perfectly and saves much wear and tear on the dual adapters.
Anyway below is how I do it all the time and works for me.
1) Put each microsd stick into adapter separately into PSP through USB to PC cable
2) Fromat stick through CMD as follows "FORMAT /FS:FAT32 x:" x being whatever your PSP drive letter comes up as.
3) Let the PC format your chip from 0 to at least 1, which is what I do.
4) Back out of PSP USB and remove formatted chip from adapter.
5) Goto Step 1 for next chip before moving to step 6
6) Remove adapter from PSP and put first chip back into open slot so now both sticks are in dual adapter and put back into PSP , now reformat the whole adapter with PSP so it will write the necessary folders onto it.

Your PSP should now show most of the full amount of both memory sticks combined. You can also verify, if you want to double check the amount of memory availablle, is by reconnecting PSP USB and go to Disk Management and look.
Hope this helps,
#418100 by Butcher
Sun Apr 30, 2017 7:21 pm
Man what use that method via CMD or any program that like MiniTool Partition fizard do that also - easy is simple.

Put in adapter 1microsd in 1 slot and format to defoult setting FAT32 and next off1 and put 2 microsd to slot 2 and do that again then pu 1 and 2 microsd to adapter then put to PSP and work.

But its so easy so why u post that noob tutorials - next time i pu 10 methods to do that same one thing
#419666 by bengalih
Fri Aug 25, 2017 9:48 pm
While this process might be easy/simple for some, the difficulty comes in ensuring all hardware is compatible/capable of supporting the higher capacity cards.

I have written a very comprehensive guide on this and posted it here.

Anyone that is having any issues can refer to it. Some info here is clarified or corrected.
#419667 by rsn8887
Fri Aug 25, 2017 10:20 pm
[deleted] I forgot I had already posted about this and bengalih has an extensive thread with instructions, so this topic has been covered as absurdum. The only thing I am wondering is if anyone went beyond 400 Gb with 2*256Gb cards but they are so expensive still.

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