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[OPEN] Restore Numblast Copy on PS TV

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[OPEN] Restore Numblast Copy on PS TV

Post by velvet100 » Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:43 am


I am not native english speaker so I might have a lot of mistakes. By mistake all my apps were deleted on my PS TV since I selected to copy internal memory when I refreshed database. I have my PS TV on 3.60 with henkaku. I would like to restore my copy of numblast that I have on my PC with QCMA. Unfortunatly my ps tv cannot see my computer when I open the restore app via wifi/ethernet, I think it is because it is not updated to 3.63. I tried to unpack with psvita img tools and copy it to the game folder but it does not appear when I refresh the database. What could I do in order to have my Numblast copy back?

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