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#417717 by reprep
Thu Apr 06, 2017 9:04 pm
noled is a simple plugin to turn off the home button led of PS Vita. Especially useful at night.

It is a kernel plugin so enable it in kernel section of your config.txt.

copy noled.skprx to tai folder (ux0:/tai)
edit config.txt:

after that, reboot your vita and restart henkaku.

v1.0 notes:
Unfortunately the led will be back glowing when resumed from standby etc, i couldn't solve this with my noob coding skills. Also only tested on fat Vita.

If you are interested, ksceLedSetMode function seems very similar to sceLedSetMode function of PSP, you can try to find what you can do with arguments. http://uofw.github.io/uofw/group__LED.html

I am posting this with the hope that someone will take over and find a better solution like hooking the function etc.

v1.1 is up, redownload it from attachments. It hooks the function, so led doesn't turn again, bye bye blue light, you won't be missed. Red light when charging is still there.

Source is included in the attachment, have fun.
All credits to @xerpi, all i did was to compile the source.

plugin and source
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#418109 by Mrgreezy3
Mon May 01, 2017 5:05 pm
reprep wrote:
Mrgreezy3 wrote:Make it so the charge up is purple led so that you have a reminder that the plugin is active that would be kool

Cant control the red led, sorry.

I didn't think you had to only make it so blue led is also on while red led is on. But idk about vita plugins

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