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#417741 by LostHeaven
Fri Apr 07, 2017 10:31 pm

I'm trying to install ARK on my Vita running 3.61 hoping to being able to run Wagic. I followed the steps on this article but I'm not being successful and can't seem to be able to troubleshoot what I'm doing wrong. I would greatly appreciate if someone could take a couple of minutes and run through my steps and point out what's going on:

1- Found my PSN AID by navigating to the "PS Vita/APP/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" folder on my CMA backup folder.
2- Opened and obtained my key by inputing my AID.
3- Opened Terraria's demo folder on"PS Vita/APP/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/PCSB00405/app" and copied the file app.psvimg.
4- Pasted app.psvimg to psvimgtools' folder.
5- Opened Command Prompt with Administrator privileges and ran "psvimg-extract -K 'my key' app.psvimg app". A folder named "app/ux0_temp_game_PCSB00405_app_PCSB00405" was created inside psvimgtools' folder.
6- Opened the ARK pboot bubble folder and copied the file PBOOT.PBP.
7- Pasted PBOOT.PBP on the "app/ux0_temp_game_PCSB00405_app_PCSB00405" output folder. Unlike the guide, there's no PBOOT.PBP there, just a eboot.bin file, so nothing was overwritten.
8- Ran "psvimg-create -n app -K 'my key' app app2". A folder named "app2" was created inside psvimgtools' folder.
9- Copied the game.psvimg and game.psvmd files that were created inside the app2 folder.
10- Pasted them on the CMA backup folder overwriting the demo's original ones.
11- Restored the backup from the PC to the Vita using QCMA.
12- Copied ARK_01234 from the ARK pboot bubble archive to PS Vita/PSAVEGAME/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/. Since there was no PSAVEGAME folder there, I created it manually.
13- Restored the ARK-2 PSP SAVEDATA from the PC to the Vita using QCMA.
14- Tried opening Terraria's demo bubble and the demo started running as it did before. Didn't notice any changes at all.

I can confirm the demo's game.psvimg file size does change after using psvimgtools, so it does seem like it's doing something.
I don't have any games installed and can only test this with two demos downloaded when 3.61 was the most recent version: Terraria and Uncharted, hence why I have no PGAME folder, but the APP one. The same thing happens with both. Which leads me to the question: does this method work with demos or only full games?

Many thanks in advance! I got this like-new Vita for cheap some months ago hoping to make it my dedicated Wagic machine, and was gutted to find out I wouldn't be able to due to it being on 3.61, so I've just been keeping it stored away.
#417744 by fate6
Sat Apr 08, 2017 5:00 am
You need to use a PSP game not a Vita one.
#417796 by fate6
Tue Apr 11, 2017 11:00 pm
It's always those little mistakes that get ya >_<

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