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#417789 by csaraiva
Tue Apr 11, 2017 2:11 pm
Hi there,

Recently I've received a PS vita slim and it has a very strange issues:

The 1st - When playing wipeout for the first time after a few minutes, i've been pleased by the following message "GPU driver detects GPU crash.... Generating core dump[*****]" like this Youtuber showing when playing LBP .
I've tryed every gamecart i own(Wipeout, LBP, MGS 2&3) but same results. After doing some research and some users suggest to go into safe mode and try everything, and yes i've tried every option, even connect via QCMA and reinstalled 3.60 OFW.. the results, a diferent type of error(described on 2nd error).

2nd error - After the last process of reinstall the 3.60 fw and using vitashell, i've tried to ftp some games, but here another problem the screen starts to failure, flashing/flikering image on & off and suddendly hangs and restarts automaticly. Tried some games and same results, the screen flikering and stop working and restarts (se picture below)

I've Disassembled the vita , check for any damage because it's a 2nd hand vita not in a perfect shape, clean everything with a brush anda little isopropyl alcohol, replace everything back and the vita works but the same errors apear.
Because i own another vita same version PCH-2016 i swap the problematic main board into the good working vita, and now i can play for about 10/15 minutes and BOOM, just stops. Put all vitas in the correct shells cases and parts, mine is working perfecly but the second problematic one is in the same state.

I've tryed evething i can remenber but the results are in this small video.

Can somebody help? Suggest anything?

Not an Option is:
Return to Shop, i dont have any receipt! By another mainboard it's almost the cost of another used vita! Upgrading firmware NOT it's on 3.60 henkaku and will stay on 3.60 (i've reinstalled 3.60 via QCMA).
#417801 by fate6
Wed Apr 12, 2017 6:11 pm
So even swapping in good parts has the screen messing up? sounds like you need a new screen bruh :/

That or the GPU on the other board is damaged but since you said you swapped parts I assume it might just be the screen itself that caused the GPU crashes before.

EDIT: Hold up after re reading that it sounds like the GPU is the problem as wherever you put that mobo it has the same problem and sadly you would need a new mobo to fix that unless you have some crazy soldering skills.

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