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#417737 by reprep
Fri Apr 07, 2017 8:09 pm
Trying to find arguments of ksceLedSetMode function which i used for the plugin noled. viewtopic.php?f=116&t=48017

It is defined as "int ksceLedSetMode(int led, int mode, void *led_configuration);"

The function seems similar to sceLedSetMode function in PSP but LEDS are different, so trying to find the correct arguments for Vita. for psp:

Argument led:
2 seems to control the blue light on home button, by passing "ksceLedSetMode(2, 0, NULL); home button stops glowing till a next event lights it, by passing "ksceLedSetMode(2, 1, NULL); home button begins to glow, by passing "ksceLedSetMode(2, 2, NULL); home button blinks rapidly. Unfortunately i couldn't find the argument for red light on home button.

Argument "mode" seems same as PSP:
enum SceLedModes
The possible LED control commands.

Turn a LED OFF.

Turn a LED ON.

Set a blink event for a LED.

Register LED configuration commands and execute them. Its use is not recommended, as it is still not completely known how that mode works.

led configuration seems same as PSP too, though i haven't messed with it. It needs confirmation: ... ation.html


SCE_ERROR_INVALID_LED: Error code 0x803F0140 if led>7
SCE_ERROR_INVALID_MODE: Error code 0x803F0141 if mode>4 or ((mode == 4) && (led != 2))
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#417763 by noname120
Sat Apr 08, 2017 11:37 pm
Have you tried 1 or 0 for the first argument?

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