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#417446 by NFK
Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:54 am
Frist of all, greetings to everyone.

So, last week got a vita and installed HENkaku, then vitashell through filezilla(after not getting a good answer on why the console didn't detect videos through qcma in other boards), now I'm running through some issues that kinda gimp my fun

1) On street fighter x tekken somehow i'm getting random button presses from the shoulder buttons) out of nowhere which kind-of gimps my fun with it(i think that this is a console-side mess-up)

2) every time i try to run bastion(PCSE00790), before starting the game i'm nagged to do a system update(supposedly the newest HENkaku spoofs 3.63(also did the dns stuff), same happens when i run the trophy apk

3) Tried to install mortal kombat(PCSE00023), only to get this error: 0x80101137(note: there's a MK icon already on the console)

Any way to fix this?

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