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#414781 by reprep
Wed Nov 02, 2016 8:49 pm
cool, thanks a lot. i can port these to the psp go plugin if there is interest. viewtopic.php?p=413652

Freakler wrote:So, the GTA offsets (Liberty & Vice City) are no longer needed according to TheFloW..

But for the sake of completeness here they are: (in case someone else was working on this too)

Code: Select all///cameraLeftRightPatched
      //[ULES00182v1 - 0x00294C88]
      //[ULES00182v2 - 0x00294BD8]
      //[ULES00151v1 - 0x00294D3C]
      //[ULES00151v2 - 0x00294D3C]
      //[ULES00151v3 - 0x00294C8C] 
      //[ULUS10041v1 - 0x00294D3C]
      //[ULUS10041v3 - 0x00294C8C]
      //[ULJM05255   - 0x0029B858]
      //[ULES00503 - 0x0018A280]
      //[ULES00502 - 0x0018A3B8]
      //[ULUS10160 - 0x0018A080]
      //[ULJM05297 - 0x002CE3A4]
      //[ULES00182v1 - 0x00294D88]
      //[ULES00182v2 - 0x00294CD8]
      //[ULES00151v1 - 0x00294E3C]
      //[ULES00151v2 - 0x00294E3C]
      //[ULES00151v3 - 0x00294D8C] 
      //[ULUS10041v1 - 0x00294E3C]
      //[ULUS10041v3 - 0x00294D8C]
      //[ULJM05255   - 0x0029B958]
      //[ULES00503 - 0x0018A388]
      //[ULES00502 - 0x0018A4C0]
      //[ULUS10160 - 0x0018A188]
      //[ULJM05297 - 0x002CE4AC]
#417399 by reprep
Tue Mar 14, 2017 3:13 pm
sorry for double post but i needed to post this here.

I don't have a github account so i am posting the solution to a github issue here. ... d/issues/6

The issue is when this plugin is enabled, the game doesn't respond to invert y axis option. My quick fix inverts y axis for both camera and aiming, it still doesn't read the option within game though. So use this version i posted if you want inverted y axis and use the original one in github if you want normal y axis controls.

Proper solution would be reading the game option from ram and patching the function according to that. i suspect these lines check the option within game (address at 0x003522B3) but i am not sure, also i can't write a dynamic function like flow so i will just pass.

var13 = *((unsigned char *) 0x003522B3);
__asm__ ("cvt.s.w $fpr12, $fpr12;");
if (!(var13 == 0x00000000))
__asm__ ("neg.s $fpr12, $fpr12;");

All credits source and blabla to flow, i just included 2 minus sign and compiled.

Thanks for testing to @NeoTechni
changed two instances of return (int)((float)ry * FACTOR); to return (int)((float)-ry * FACTOR);
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