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Activating Vita

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Activating Vita

Post by Persian_McLovin » Tue Feb 28, 2017 2:41 am

Hi everyone I have a bit of an issue!

My Vita is on 3.01 and have Tekken 2 installed for TN-X. Was playing Driver 2 when I got a blue screen of death and ever since then I would have no button input within Tekken 2 when starting from the home menu so I couldn't even skip the intro sequence etc. I Reset my Vita, reinstalled Tekken 2 after backing it up on PC, reinstalled TNV files, Tekken 2 TN-X files etc but the same thing kept happening so I restored my Vita and now have to re-activate it (I had no idea this was a thing)! I have all my games and files still on memory card but obviously cannot use them without activating.

Vita is still on 3.01, I have both an up-to-date PS3 and one with CFW (if that helps) along with QCMA on my PC...what is the quickest way to re-activate my Vita without updating?

Thank you in advance :)

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Re: Activating Vita

Post by Metzen » Sun Mar 12, 2017 1:59 pm

Go to the PS Store on the updated PS3 and download a Vita or PSP game. Doesn’t matter which one. Obviously find one you like.

Once it’s finished downloading you will need either use OpenCMA or QCMA. Once you have that installed you need to turn Wifi off and turn on airplane mode on your Vita, then power it off and back on. Connect your Vita to OpenCMA/QCMA and go into the content manager. Select transfer content. At this point you will want to disconnect the cable from your PC. You will get an error on your Vita. DO NOT close the error, leave it open. Connect the USB to your PS3 and you will see it pop up that a Vita is connected. Now you may close the error and tell it to connect to a PS3 via USB cable. You are now free to transfer a game to your Vita.
Good Luck!!

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