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#417325 by jokatech
Thu Mar 09, 2017 4:04 pm
Hello. I just started hacking my PS TV to access the library, and even purchased a second unit, only to find that the firmware was too old for Henkaku. I resorted to hacking my main unit with FW 3.63. I followed the steps for modifying the app.db file, but the issue I run into are the final steps. The site's directions are ridiculously vague for someone who has not been through this process before. At the end it says to dump the newly created files, I'm assuming the app, app psvimg, and app psvmd files, into the System folder to be backed up to the ps vita card. When I do as instructed, nothing happens. All games are still blocked as if no hack has been achieved. I assume it's because the app files are being completely ignored. In essence, I figured the whole object of the hack is to modify the app file, reinsert it back into the data, and create a new psvimg file to put in system folder replacing the original psvimg file. But that is not said at all. That is only my theory. It seems like if you are putting the original psvimg file back into the system folder, with its partner files, and dumping the created app files in as well, the system has no incentive to acknowledge the app files at all, and I feel like that is what's happening. If you do have to create a new psvimg file, I have no idea how to do that, or if I even have the software. Can someone please explain what I am missing in this step. It sucks to be so close to a hack only to fall short like this. Thanks.

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