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#417318 by blueagent1999
Thu Mar 09, 2017 7:25 am
Sony's Asia Server appears to still have the 3.60 Official VitaTV Firmwire available for download, as i was able to locate and download the UPDAT file using an old URL link i've saved to my bookmarks back in 2016.

as of this moment, i've already downloaded the file and would very much like to use it to update my Asia model VitaTV to 3.60, though i've refrained myself from doing so since i would like to first ascertain whether or not this file is indeed 3.60 before i put it in my vita, heaven forbid if the old update file turns out to be 3.63 in disguise which is what i'm most worried about.

so my questions are as follows:

-how do i know that the 3.60 update file i have is indeed 3.60? is there any way to tell?

thanks in advance for helping me with this!

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