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Post your HENkaku REQUESTS/QUESTIONS in the SUPPORT section

HENkaku is a native Homebrew Enabler for the PS Vita and PS TV. It lets you run homebrews on the PS Vita
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Post your HENkaku REQUESTS/QUESTIONS in the SUPPORT section

Post by CPUzX » Tue Aug 16, 2016 6:58 am

Post your HENkaku requests or questions in the Support section.
•Help with Henkaku
•Help with your PS Vita in general
•Faults, errors or issues involving Henkaku
• HENkaku homebrew requests
• Game modding/Patch modding requests
• Savedata modding requests
• Anything that is a reasonable request within HENkaku's capability.

Do not post your requests/questions in this HENkaku section. This HENkaku section is reserved for homebrew releases.
If your question is programming related, post in the Programming and Security section instead, and post in the General section if you wish to discuss anything PS Vita related. Thanks!

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Re: Post your HENkaku [REQUESTS] in the SUPPORT section

Post by fate6 » Tue Aug 16, 2016 7:38 am

I just want to add that requests are only being allowed on a trail basis so if things work out it can stay but if not its back to locking threads, Try not to ballz it up please.
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