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#332574 by abdou005
Fri Feb 07, 2014 2:39 am
Hi Everyone :D !

I was searching "daaays" for a way to use my ps vita (With TN V) as a Computer joypad and Finally Succeded :D !
I Tried to make "very simple" Guide so everyone would understand ;)


1-Wifi Connection
2-TN V 7,3

1- Donwload files

For English :
For French :

2- extract Files in the Desktop

They Will show like this

3- Install PPJOY Setup

It should show after installation in "Control Pannel"

4- OPEN Parallel Port Joysticks And set it as in images !

a- Add New "PPJOY VIRTUAL" and choose "controller 1"!


b- Do as Images



Now Modified, I made an error before that's why "Triangle" wasn't working :D




Good :D !

5- Know Your "True" IP Adress

I mean sometimes VitaFTP (Coldbird's Homebrew doesn't show the real IP adress ), So You Must use This Methode To make sure the ip is correct :D !


Click Start--> RUN --> write "cmd" and click Enter ---> write "ipconfig" press enter --> and see your IP ADRESS :D

6- Modify "Wifi.cdf" and Send Homebrew to PsP

+ I mean Open the "Homebrew folder" in your Desktop
+ You will find Wifi.cdf next to the Eboot.
+Open it with "notepad"
+ Modify the existing IP adress with your "OWN"

7- Copy the Homebrew to your TN V :D + open "Start WiFiServer for Controller 1.bat"

+ Before starting the Homebrew in Xmb, Open "PC" folder and load "Start WiFiServer for Controller 1.bat"
Note that it should stay opened while using PSP Wifi Controller !


+ Open your homebrew, Choose the "Controller 1" .
+ Wait until the controller Show And Voila :D !
+ You can test it in Control Panel --> Joypad :D


NOTE : + Everytime you turn Off/On your Wifi Roteur , you should modify the Wifi.cdf "ip adress", (see the step 6)
+For Those Who are on Windows Vista/7 or still find problems

Watch This :

Tips From "Hackinformer" to Windows 8 Owner having problem of "Unsigned Driver Install" (Use One of Tips)

+ Tip 1 : Go in the control panel user accounts and set it up at the administrator.
+ Tip 2 : Right click on "Setup" and put it in compatibility mode windows 7
+ Tip 3 : Right click Go to properties and then in one of those tabs it will give you the option to put in a different compatibility mode.
+ Tip 4 : Disable driver signature verification This Link Here

Thank's To :

+ The PsP/Ps Vita Legend Total-Noob for his Awsome realises "TN-V, TN Savestate Plugin, TN-C, Dayviewer..." <3 :D
+ To Hackinformer for his support and the methode of installing Unsigned Drivers in Windows 8 :D
+ To The Team(s) who Created "Wifi Controller and PPJoy"
+ To This french website that helped me and from where i took some screenshots
+ And All Of you Who took the pain to read this Long article :lol: ! (Yes You took the credits too :P )
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#332734 by DarkAce
Fri Feb 07, 2014 10:50 pm
When I try to open the Parallel Port Joysticks, it will not work. An error shows ( Cannot open the PPjoy device driver. Please install PPjoyBus.sys first). I am using windows 8.
#332749 by abdou005
Sat Feb 08, 2014 12:51 am
dboyz wrote:Thx man for the tutorial, all this long I've been using my PSP as a controller (via USB), I guess it's time for my Vita to take that role :D

You Are Welcome :D. Yes I'm Enjoying it, was Playing ps1 games, N64 with and some PC GAMES with the vita as Controller just Wouaaaaaaaaaaa :D :D :D .

Also, it is great how i "modify" the right analog in the PsP Emulator :D! and Yuppy the Touch Screen <3 <3. So Cool :lol: .

DarkAce wrote:When I try to open the Parallel Port Joysticks, it will not work. An error shows ( Cannot open the PPjoy device driver. Please install PPjoyBus.sys first). I am using windows 8.

Yes The PPJoy is OlD, The reason i uninstalled Win7 and installed the Master "XP" is for that "Compatibility problems..." :lol:

But Don't Worry, I searched and I think find the solution :D .

1- The file that "PPjoy" is asking for exist in the "PPJoySetup" folder (as the image)

2- You Should "disable the driver signature verification" in Windows 8, so it would let you install Unsigned drivers :D + restart computer
See how here -->

3- Install the PPJoy Setup Again :D

If you find any problem, give feedback :P. Thank's ;)
#332850 by abdou005
Sat Feb 08, 2014 4:52 pm
EDIT : Modified This Picture as the previous one didn't let you Use "Triangle" Bottoun ;) .

Now Everything is working fine :D
Thank's for your Attention :lol:

Sorry Moderators for Double-post just to let everyone modified it ;)
#332891 by abdou005
Sat Feb 08, 2014 10:10 pm
Slade wrote:This is great! I will sure give it a try, now I can dump my old usb controller!!


You Are Welcome (Derien ;) ) I really Enjoy it , Playing all the PC games + Emulators on the Big PC Screen Using Vita as Joypad <3 :D
C'est Extraordinnaire :D ;)
#332959 by abdou005
Sun Feb 09, 2014 3:05 am
Haze7 wrote:PC Screen streaming through a ftp would be more helpful as I already have a wireless keyboard and mouse.

There is a psp hombrew names "Pspdisp 0.6" that shows Pc screen on vita :D. I use it to watch online animes aand movies
When I'm far from computer :D . if you want guys :D . i will write a Guide bout it :D .
but it won't be soon as i have exames ;)

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