Post here your guides, tips, how-to, etc...
#218075 by Gegz
Fri Dec 28, 2012 9:04 pm
Nice tuto, thanks !
#218083 by snakekill77
Fri Dec 28, 2012 9:12 pm
jayfelice wrote:
nouchi wrote:thank you for this tuto. So nice too watch movie on psv!

Yeah, but always make samples and test out your video before you do long converts. I make sure from now on so I don't waste hours converting a video incorrectly and end up with green screen. This converter is the best, I personally believe much better than Handbrake and any converter I used so far. It made a bluray rip(I ripped it from my bluray collection) and it made a 20/19 gig bluray rip into a tiny 730 something meg file size! Looks great on the Vita! :D

I'm assuming this is normal but when I converted my 20/19 gig bluray rip it took about 2-3 hours but I'm assuming it takes this long because its compressing the video file so it turns out to be smaller. Instead of having a file sizeof 1 gig to 1.9gigs or even 2 gigs. It keeps the file size small to 700megs which is good seeing how Vita Memory sticks are not cheap right now. I'm on a 8gb personally.

Care to share your settings?
#218932 by jayfelice
Sun Dec 30, 2012 12:38 am
Depending on the HD content you may have, you might have to create black borders like I have done. Also, make sure to sample every thing you make by trimming it first to something small so you can test it on your vita before converting long videos. When you add black borders to some HD content that may need it, you cannnot enlarge the video in the vita, you will be stuck with black borders. I am fine with the black borders, some videos are going to be like that because they're more widescreen and you will probably not mind the bottom and top black bars anyways.
#218940 by jayfelice
Sun Dec 30, 2012 12:45 am
snakekill77 wrote:Care to share your settings?

This is the thing, depending on the video resolution of the HD content or SD content your settings may change dramatically. Sometimes you might have to add black borders to the top and bottom of video from what I've experienced. It's never going to be the same on each vid. I have some hd content at 1920x1080 resolution that I don't have to change at all for 960x544, but than I have other hd content that are odd resolutions like 1920x920 or something weird like that and those are the weird HD content when I am forced to add black borders to the top and bottom. I don't think the black borders are cropping anything out, I think it's cropping the entire picture in if that makes sense to any of you. But once you add the black borders, they stay, they will not go away on the Vita. Meaning when you double click on top of the Vita you cannot zoom into fullscreen when you add the black borders. I do not know why, I guess while encoding with this encoder, it is also encoding the bars. So far I've only ran into this issue with certain HD content, I'm not sure if you need to add black borders on SD content to get it to fit(I doubt it).
#248069 by watswat5
Mon Mar 18, 2013 9:43 pm

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