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Should sony release an android only version of the ps vita?

#244268 by xian183
Fri Mar 08, 2013 12:05 am
I think sony should release an android version of the ps vita and steal the market for a powerful android device that has great working physical buttons and two analog sticks. it even has a back tough pad! They can keep the current one for dedicated games and sell the android one so we would stop hacking the current model. They may have to make some hardware changes to stop the current vitas from getting hacked because android is so open source that the android version could easily be reverse engineered, but it really would be a great idea and a way for sony to get some recognition for the vita and sell a lot more units. What do you guys think?
#244272 by VitaGenic
Fri Mar 08, 2013 12:15 am
Nice idea.... But it will not happen anytime soon I'm afraid.... And it certainly won't be done by $ony.....
#244273 by niksko12
Fri Mar 08, 2013 12:28 am
VitaGenic wrote:Nice idea.... But it will not happen anytime soon I'm afraid.... And it certainly won't be done by $ony.....

$ony does not want to lose control over their device.
#244299 by xian183
Fri Mar 08, 2013 2:12 am
Jd8531 wrote:It'll never happen, so it's pretty pointless to even think about it or make a poll especially when there have been countless threads about android on Vita.

I agree that it probably wont happen, but cant i at least dream? I mean, talking is what this forum is about. I've only ever seen one thread about android on vita, and i just thought it would be nice to discuss as this is one of my greatest hopes for the ps vita. Imagine all the emulator and app possibilities of using those amazing joysticks and buttons for all your favorite android games. I would think that sony could maker some hardware changes so that it would not compromise the current vita, or perhaps change it slightly and call it something else. I really hope it is possible though for android to be ported to vita one it has a full cfw.

PS: Im sorry jd8531 for yet another android/vita topic :?
#244682 by ridata
Sun Mar 10, 2013 3:22 am
if you want android then you should wait for the nvidia handheld
#244703 by wartaf
Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:16 am
not gonna happened.. and probably never.

Sony seems like to control a business as they want.
#244706 by Acid_Snake
Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:54 am
1 - if Sony didn't even want a crippled down version of Linux on the PS3, what makes you think they'll let you use Android on the Vita?
2 - Android on the Vita will cost money to maintain given all the security measures they would need to implement and in return it will not give them much money, if any.
3 - Sony does not listen to their customers, specially coming from a hacking site, so this thread is pointless.
4 - There are way too many threads about Android/PS2/[insert console here] on the Vita, we don't want yet another one.
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