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Comprehensive Guide for installing ARK using Uno Exploit

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Comprehensive Guide for installing ARK using Uno Exploit

Post by greekchampion04 » Sun Mar 03, 2013 4:27 pm

Mods, please move this thread if it is better suited for a different section. I am probably too new to ask for a sticky, but I think this guide may warrant one as the questions I encountered (and answer here) are common ones to new members.

First thing is first, thank you to the writers of the individual guides I am compiling here, the devs for making all of these things happen, Tonakai for pointing me in the right direction and sony (I know you are reading this too!) for making such a great device.

Required Items for this guide:
PS Vita with OFW less than 2.02
A PS3 with the latest OFW
Uno (PSP version) from PSN
FTP Client (such as WinSCP)
Moderate PC/Technical knowledge

If you have PS Vita and your firmware is currently lower than 2.02, this guide will take you step by step to having ARK installed via the Uno Exploit and loading homebrew, ISOs/CSOs to it. As with any device hacking, this is all at your own risk. Nobody other than you is responsible if your PS Vita becomes a paperweight. Follow all instructions carefully, read all guides, including this one, all the way through before you do anything and make sure you understand the process.

The first thing you need to do is manually update your OFW to 2.02. The Z’s guide is fantastic and will get you through it. His guide can be seen here (viewtopic.php?t=23013).
Hints and tips for this guide:
• Properly editing the XML document is key. Double check your links.
• The correct system_version tag to upgrade to 2.02 is:
o <version system_version="09.990.000" label="2.02">
• Make sure your files are hosted on your own server and are reachable by DIRECT LINKS.
• The CMA folder that you put the XML file in can be found on the following path (Windows 7): C:\Program Files\Sony\Content Manager Assistant

After you have successfully upgraded to 2.02 you need to purchase and load Uno on to your PS Vita. In this guide, you use a PS3 on the latest OFW to purchase the game. Transferring it from your PS3 to the Vita can be found in Tonakai’s guide seen here (viewtopic.php?f=52&t=28311)
Hints and tips for this guide:
• Connect to your PC with Open CMA first
• Pull the USB from the PC and plug it into the PS3
• PS3 must be connected to the internet
• You can not just connect to the PS3…. You need to connect to the PC first for this trick

Once you have Uno installed on your Vita you need to install ARK. Follow the instructions here (
Hints and tips for this guide:
• The folder you need to place the save data into can be found on the following path (Windows 7): C:\Users\x200\Documents\PS Vita\PSAVEDATA\<random string of numbers and letters>
• If the random string of numbers and letters folder is not there, create a profile/save from Uno
• At this point, when you launch Uno it should take you into ARK

Once you have ARK, you need to transfer homebrew and ISOs/CSOs to your Vita. Scroll down here ( ... -and-more/) to “How do I Install ISO, CSO, and HOMEBREW?” Pay special attention to the “INSTALLING CONTENT” section.
Hints and tips for this guide:
• I recommend installing FTP for Vita ( via CMA and then doing any future transferring via your favorite FTP client. I use WinSCP.
• You can NOT use the Uno save file to transfer content via CMA.
• FTP is slower in terms of data transmission rate, but much more user friendly
• CMA has a faster data transmission rate, but it’s a bit more complicated

Having trouble installing FTP to your Vita? Here it is ready made for you:
• Download this file: (
• Unrar the folder into your ~/PS Vita/PSAVEDATA/<randomnumbersandletters>/ directory
• Use CMA to transfer it over. Hint: it will show up as dragon ball z.
• Navigate to it in ARK (ms0:/PSP/SAVEDATA/ULES01456DAT1/) and install the .zip
• Fire up and use FTP for Vita (ms0:/PSP/GAME/) FTP for Vita

I think I have compiled all of the guides, programs, and information you need to get your OFW less than 2.02 Vita running ARK via the Uno exploit. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks go out again to everybody in this wonderful community!

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Re: Comprehensive Guide for installing ARK using Uno Exploit

Post by Tonakai » Sun Mar 24, 2013 2:03 pm

Very nice guide here, Spartan. Thanks for taking the time to create it. :mrgreen:

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