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#232201 by dateno1
Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:41 am
sorry for bad english (not my native language)

it same work by Charles Proxy

Charles Proxy is good program but not all free

now you can do it with Fiddler (it Free :D)

first you need to download and install Fiddler from and run

goto tools -> Fiddler options -> connections

check the your proxy port and 'allow remote computers to connect' checkbox like this picture

now you must need to restart Fiddler and Push F12

you need to find your computer's ip and set proxy setting on vita (if you don't know about it see

now restart your VITA and connect to your AP and push 'Connection Test' on Network setting on your VITA

you can found ““ on left area like this

now you need to download xml from's link for your country (if you can't find xml for your country need to edit it!)

than set like this
you can add more rule by pushing 'Add' button

now you can access like PSN without any money and update :)

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