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#231764 by c-zero
Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:42 pm
Solidus was my favorite lol. He could probably kick Snake's ***, AND get the senior discount at Denny's! :lol:
#232735 by Casavult
Mon Jan 28, 2013 12:11 am
What's the difference between Portable Ops+ and Portable Ops?
#232854 by Acid_Snake
Mon Jan 28, 2013 12:18 pm
Casavult wrote:What's the difference between Portable Ops+ and Portable Ops?

portable ops plus was mainly targeted at online, it has a lot more types of soldiers (including soldiers from msg1, 2 and 3, plus some more unique characters like raiden and old snake), it also has the infinity missions, I love them, it's a bunch of continuous randomly made missions that you have to pass to make your soldiers stronger (and find new soldiers), since they are random you never know whats going to hit you next, keeping up the fun
#232942 by Casavult
Mon Jan 28, 2013 4:30 pm
So Portable Ops+ is just the same as Portable Ops but with just more features?
#236832 by Kur0i
Sun Feb 10, 2013 7:29 pm
Acid_Snake wrote:
Kur0i wrote:Peace Walker killed my (X?) button so I'll go fot PO.

lol never heard of this, what was the x button for? maybe the button configuration you had required the x button a lot

Quicktime event in interrogation room. :(
#247795 by banshen
Mon Mar 18, 2013 4:56 am
Before I read this, I would've said PW is the better game. And arguably, it still is.

But I never had really thought about how weak PW story was in relation to PO. I think PO's weakest point in that regard was the presentation of the story. PW had tons of audio that gave the characters more..well, character. PO just had too much story presented as text-only, which kind of takes away something from the characters.

PO also had absolutely no variety in terms of environments, which is a shame as well. Everything felt like a very empty warehouse of some sort. It's a shame there wasn't more variety. But outside of that, I do think the character models are sharper in PO than PW.

The controls in PW, while not fantastic, were more manageable. I can't believe Kojima didn't design either game around a single analog stick ala MGS1/MGS2. PO was made harder to play in that regards, but having played the game recently, I realized how useful the L button is in PO, which makes the game much more enjoyable to play. I disagree with your assessment of using the right analog stick for camera control- since the game has a camera that tries to swing behind the character when possible, it kind of makes to see what you want unless you are actively managing that stuck.

But I do agree with you in terms of story and characters- they are simply better in PO when you think about them and forget the presentation.

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