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#231248 by omegalure
Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:34 am

I'm having a really awkward problem with my PSP 3001 -ofw 6.60- and i hope you can lend me a hand...

I'm a noob when it comes to psp hacks, but given the simplicity of the PRO-B9 cfw hack, i managed to flash the cfw quickly. A couple days ago I ran out of battery and my psp turned off. I just charged it regularly and ran a fast recovery,like i had done a few times in the past. Only this time, when i tried to play a game, it presented the PSP logo and then a message stating: "The game could not be started (800...)". I tried to re-install the PRO-B9 thru the PRO Update app several times (without uninstalling it, just using the L+X combo) but the problem persisted. Finally, i got desperated and uninstalled the PRO-B9, After that it got worst: whenever i try to run the PRO Update app, the PSP startup screen appears, then nothing. The screen turns completely black and nothing happens. I've left the device in that situation untouched for 15 minutes and nothing happens. For like five seconds the orange led on the edge blinks, then nothing works until I perform a manual reset. The PSP boots regularly and starts the user interface ok. Just wont start the PRO Update.

The only abnormal thing that happenned this time was that i removed the battery (and put it back in) before charging it, for no particular reason.

I have made a reset to factory default, erased the old Pro Update and Fast Recovery, tried to install the PRO C version, no luck. Tried to reinstall the B9 version, no luck. Nothing seems to work.

I decided to ask to the experts before doing anything that might get me a nice paperweight.
#232185 by The Z
Sat Jan 26, 2013 12:56 am
omegalure wrote:[...] PSP 3001 -ofw 6.60- [...]

b2p1mp wrote:Try using hellcats recovery app to flash to m33 then back to pro. I haven't used this app in a long time but it has saved my psp a few times.


Try to boot the LME CFW or the 6.60 HEN with your PSP, otherwise use the 6.60 Downgrader and downgrade to 6.39, then upgrade to 6.60.
Hellcats RF is afaik 01g and 02g (not 88v3) only.

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