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#228878 by Minimur12
Thu Jan 17, 2013 1:03 pm
you get bored of paint park pretty quickly tbh lol
#228904 by b2p1mp
Thu Jan 17, 2013 2:58 pm
Recently from USA store I grabbed a free game called Puzziball (PSM), however I do not see it anywhere in the Playstation Mobile section anymore. It is a full game and decent. Also, USA got the app Wake-Up-Club (Vita app) recently. It has some trophies to earn and can be useful as a clock/alarm. And there are 2 more new freebies, Samurai Beatdown (PSM) and Jetpack Joyride (vita).
#228906 by b2p1mp
Thu Jan 17, 2013 3:15 pm
I am listing USA titles only here. I do not use the Europe or other region stores.

USA store Full free games as of January 17th
Frobisher says! (Vita)
Fireworks (Vita - Augmented Reality)
Cliff Diving (Vita - Augmented Reality)
Table Soccer (Vita - Augmented Reality)
Treasures of Montezuma Blitz (technically free since you get more lives and crystals each day)
Lemmings (Playstation mobile - this is a 30 level Introduction to the game that plays much like the full game, but offers to sell you more levels.)
Bullion Blitz (Playstation mobile)
Jetpack Joyride (Vita)
Wake Up Club (this is a vita app, not really a game, but you can compete and earn trophies)
Treasure Park (Vita app)

Games that are free for a limited time only, being released on Wednesdays. (USA)
Samurai Beatdown (PSM - only free for 1 week) **This game may no longer be available.
#229889 by Minimur12
Sat Jan 19, 2013 10:06 pm
yeahman45 wrote:Hi, i am compiling a list of free games that can be found on the psn store (most games are AR games):

Eu store

Espace aux tresors (Dunno the EN name)

If you find more games, do not hesitate to add them in this thread :) thx

hey, its called TREASURE PARK in english :)
#230272 by S1NFUL
Sun Jan 20, 2013 11:11 pm
I never find myself playing these free games...the only one I played recently is Samurai Beatdown because it was free on Wednesday in the US.
#231196 by Atrodynamics
Wed Jan 23, 2013 6:43 am
In CA, Samurai Beatdown was free for a week.. but now you'll need to buy it to get it. I think its all part of the "PSN Back Online and More Free PSM Games!" thing. Also, for this week it's Beats Slider. Its a good chance to get it while it's free! :D
#231339 by b2p1mp
Wed Jan 23, 2013 5:36 pm
Did anyone else notice the new section in the PS Vita store. Free-to-Play. They should categorize the free section to include free apps and PSM stuff.




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