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#212416 by edheen
Sun Dec 16, 2012 3:19 am
It is said that the resolution of the NFS only 640x368.
#212781 by hgoel0974
Sun Dec 16, 2012 11:48 pm
edheen wrote:It is said that the resolution of the NFS only 640x368.

It can't be, it is close to the PS3 and Xbox versions, at that low a res for the PSV's screen it would look like a GBA Game ;)
#213804 by tigahawk
Thu Dec 20, 2012 12:11 am

I must say playing this straight after a weekend of playing NFS Undercover...

My gripes with the physical copy of the game are:

1) Controlls. I hate accellerate and break bein the triggers. It honestly isnt that hard to let us remap the keys... Zzzzzzzz

2) headlights, only because they seem to have the ability to turn me into a deer and run me over

3) changing music tracks is a dog. I think its meant to work like the iphone unlock swipe, but it doesnt work 80% of the time.

4) lag. Im going to trade in the physical copy and buy it digitally to see if that fixes it as others have suggested. It only happens when theres alot of stuff going on but thats when you need it to stay smoothe..

5) no crossplay?? Seriously?? I own a ps3 and a vita, its the same game, let me play it on the PS3 without forking out $$ for another copy >.< rather than being greedy in that aspect they'd probably get a shitload more sales if they allowed it.

6) with the physical copy, you get a 3page instruction manual that details health warnings, the aussie classification rating system and a pay for help phone # at EA. there is a section for the game manual within the game, but ABSOLUTELY NO REFERENCE AT ALL to the controll system. I had to google it to find a different PDF manual which highlighted the controlls. Even then it just references the back touchscreen for changing music tracks and setting destinations on the map, but no further explanation on how to do it.

Its an ok game after you loose the feeling of the car actualy being a wet bar of soap with an attraction to bright lights, but you still get the feeling the vita games/ports are being treated like a **** freckly red-headed stepchild that noone likes and only ever does things for them because their parents are threatening to take away their allowance if they dont >.<
#214227 by VitaGenic
Fri Dec 21, 2012 7:34 am
I've read a few reviews that say people who don't play online won't get much out of this game. Much like how COD is....

Is it worth getting for single player mode?
#214233 by Fifthmoon
Fri Dec 21, 2012 8:44 am
i honestly think the single player is better than multiplayer.

maybe i havent figured it out yet. but mp is a mess with all the different game styles like you need to park at a certain place, jump the highest etc.
when all i want is a straight up classic race.

correct me if I'm wrong guys. but i havent figured out how to just do a classic race-to-the-finish line type of game in MP
#214605 by tigahawk
Sat Dec 22, 2012 11:33 am
So i caved and bought the PS3 version after visiting a mate whom owned it on PC, on a 24" screen with the graphics up maxed... that and i wanted to try multiplayer...

A quick comparison, it is ALOT easier to drive on the PS3. The controlls feel slightly more responsive, but the biggest thing is seems to be the view distance. There seems to be an extra second or so that you can see ahead, when it comes to your reaction time for dodging incoming traffic, or realising what you think is a rubbish bin and can run over is actualy the beginning of a small brick wall and avoiding it....

I'll still keep the Vita version so i can play it on the train ride to work, but i will admit it is quite depressing seeing how much the sacrifices they made to make it work on the vita do effect the gameplay.

Because of that, if you are a Need for Speed fan, i highly recommend you get it on PC, Xbox or PS3 rather than the Vita. If you're not hardcore into the series then it should be fine to play on the Vita.
#217049 by grimr3aper
Thu Dec 27, 2012 1:16 pm
I'm sure this question has been asked a lot but how much of a hit have the graphics taken compared the NFS on the PC/PS3. I've almost finished the game on my PC but I really want to play buy the game on the vita. I've seen the stills and quite frankly, they look horrible. But I also know that most times screens are not indicative of the actual graphics you see in the game (case in point MK on the vita). Can anyone clarify this for me?
#217098 by hgoel0974
Thu Dec 27, 2012 4:00 pm
I just got the game, it is great!

The graphics are not too bad, they are quite good actually!
The only two problems that I noticed are that sometimes the shadows have rough edges and the headlights of an approaching vehicle appear pixelated at times
other than that, this game is really great!

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