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#199533 by NOOB5029
Wed Nov 14, 2012 2:05 am
I'm not a frequent poster, but I'm noticing many individuals who have "accidentally" deleted or had their back ups deleted, this may help.

Alright, these are simple programs that I can provide to you ( not my own work of course).

These programs are use to recover files, from the hard drive that have been deleted,recently.
And before you get excited there is a 50%-65% chance you may/ may not recover your files or data:

I'll explain why in simple terms:

When window's boots ( among with other os's) it quickly begins to writes to the hard drive- that being said:
The deleted data is put into a sector on the hard drive ( HDD) that remains "untouched" ( not really..)
So-when you boot your machine, the drive begins to write to the hard drive, yes AS SOON AS IT TURNS ON, meaning-
the data ( in this case PS Vita back ups) is thus removed from the sector due to an overwrite of the needle on the hard drive.

Simple enough? :P

Its recommended that if you deleted the game recently you try and recover it- as you finish reading this post, download the following programs


The process to recover files is lengthy, even for a powerful machine ( i.e:quad core-8 gb ram-3.2 ghz)



NTSF Undelete
#199567 by NOOB5029
Wed Nov 14, 2012 3:59 am
I've recovered over 20 gb of footage :/ I wouldn't know what the issue would be. I used both Recuva, and NTFSUndelete, and they've worked for me. Just trying to help out. I should have done my Homework better . I'll do more in depth research before posting :/
#199589 by wolframio
Wed Nov 14, 2012 6:02 am
get my data back for ntfs or fat can recover anything, i use that because i fix PCs, but!!! if you want to recover things this must be do right after you delete the files and you need to boot the os from other media or put the disk as a second disk on other pc.

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