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Planned programming contest

Everything that is PSP-related but doesn't go in any other subforum
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Xian Nox
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Re: Planned programming contest

Post by Xian Nox » Sun Feb 19, 2012 12:26 pm

fouadtjuhmaster wrote:The prize can be like committing on a big project, or a special color for your name.
I'd say publicity for your project is much more important. Take the Genesis compo winner as an example: he does have quite a fanbase now, which counts for more than a colored name.

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Re: Planned programming contest

Post by 10$man » Fri Feb 24, 2012 1:19 am

fouadtjuhmaster wrote:The prize can be like committing on a big project, or a special color for your name. There are 100+ selutions to solve the "prize" problem. And as you guys said: It will let devs back in the scene. I mean how long didn't we saw the winner of Genesis Compo 2011? After he won we didn't heard anything from him.

I hope this will pass and that manny people will join of it works!
Disturbed0ne wrote:
10$man wrote:I don't plan on leaving any time soon :P

As far as contests go, your best bet is to wait and see if Dr.Neo is gonna do another NeoFlash Coding compo (I think he will, he has done one for the past... 6-7 years)
waratte wrote:Then it is dead.
I wouldn't want to be disrespectful to my other wonderful and loving admin, but I think your being a little pessimistic :? .
Why don't one of you guys organize a contest?

I'll be a judge, I'm sure you can find at least 10+ people that could competently judge a homebrew contest in the next day on this forum as well.
At we are looking at the possibility of a programming contest.

The thing is, I don't have $500+ on hand that I can just throw away. If you do, feel free to throw a contest.
Who said anything about a monetary prize? :shock:

Recognition and praise from other PSP dev's/users is a pretty good prize as well.

There are also many other things that could be offered as a prize besides money.

Also, my post was to emphasize that Wololo isn't the only place people need to look for to host programming contests, there are countless PSP sites on the internet that could actually be hosting a contest as we speak. :shock:

PS. My post wasn't even directed at you in the first place.

PPS. This isn't directly related to programming, it's simply asking if a contest "about" programming is being held. Big difference.

PPPS. What did you do to your forum Waratte? :x
A good suggestion?

A logical suggestion?
Nope. Not at all.

Take it from me, when no prize is involved (or even a small prize) no one gets motivated.
Who wants to spend hours upon hours of their time working on a game that gets them a couple months of recognition and $50.

The $50 will be gone in a week or less (in general, there are those who would save it) and recognition for such a petty contest would hardly be something to brag about.

If, somehow you could get some of the big devs involved then I am sure some newer or less prominent devs would show up with a game or two.
But your chances of that?
There lingering somewhere by none.

Programming Forum Rules wrote:Any post not directly related to programming will be moderated.
Please. Isn't this already moved anyways? It's just a shadow topic in the Programming section.

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