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Questions regarding the state of PS4 CFW and Backups in 2018

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Questions regarding the state of PS4 CFW and Backups in 2018

Post by ImmyG93 » Wed Nov 21, 2018 11:23 am


Been following the PS Scene ever since the PSP era, and all the news seems to be really murky and muddy as of late so I'd like some clear answers please:

1. Is it better to purchase a PS4 with lower firmware or go and buy a pre-jailbroken ps4? is it possible to buy a pre-jailbroken PS4 (I'm not expressing interest to buy it off someone, I'm just asking if it's POSSIBLE as I don't want to violate the rules). if so, which websites would be my best bet? if not, is Ebay my best to buy with low enough firmware to put CFW on?

2. What is the state of the PS4 backups library as of late?

3. What is the diffculty it to hack a PS4 myself if the firmware is low enough?

4. (NOT ASKING FOR LINKS, AM JUST ASKING ABOUT THE METHOD) Can you get PS4 backups via digitally or do they have to be played as ISO backups like the Jailbroken PS3? Can you install them onto the PS4 HDD Ala like a digital game?

5. (Again, asking about the method) Can you play online with PS4 backups? are there any programs like PSNINJA that hide details or temporarily turn off CFW like the PS3 did? If not, can you play LEGIT games online on a jailbroken PS4?

6. Is it worth hacking the PS4 as of its current state right now in 2018?

7. What is the overall difficulty of game dumping for the PS4 as of 2018?

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