#419111 by TheWhiteTyger
Tue Jul 18, 2017 3:05 am
So I just turned on the family WiiU and tried to load Super Mario Maker and it stated the usual "Preparing Update..." but after that it asked if we wanted to update the system software itself. No way! of course I cancel, but it doesn't seem anything is buzzing about this yet....

TL;DR New system update for the WiiU? As of 7/17/2017
#419123 by mrsoczi
Wed Jul 19, 2017 9:24 am
Unfortunatelly **** has hit the fan. 5.5.2 has arrived and killed BrowserHax. My console got hit and now I don't have any gateway to run HBL. I was to lazy to learn about permanent hax like haxchi and so on and now I am scr..ed. I hope Wololo will be providing news about this and will be on a look out for news concerning 5.5.2 userland exploits.
#419158 by Ceci91
Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:47 am
There are forum sites that track news and latest development on specific topics. Wololo is the best place to get updated on anything Playstation (PSP, PS3, PSV, PS4). For Wii U, I go to GBAtwmp.net.

The 5.5.2 update was flagged on 0 day at GBAtempt. Regardless whether you prefer HaxChi or browserHax, the very 1st step on any Wii U hacking guide found on the web tells you to turn off auto update on your Wii U, and use DNS redirect to block connection to Nintendo's server.

Its nobody's fault other than your own that cause your Wii U to update to 5.5.2, and certainly not Wololo's.

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