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freakyhax support the newest 3DS firmware V11.1.0-34 E/J/U

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freakyhax support the newest 3DS firmware V11.1.0-34 E/J/U

Post by Dwtechzhope » Wed Sep 21, 2016 2:39 am

Nintendo 3DS firmware have updated to V11.1.0-34 for some days. As my previous post, we can use freakyhax to start 3DS Homebrew on V11.0. After researching and testing, it’s confirmed that freakyhax also support V11.1.0-34 E/U/J, please check the below details

3DS console v11.1.0-34 E/J/U
3DS Freakyforms Deluxe rom ( same version with your console)
SKY3DS+ ... p1236.html

How to run freakyhax?
1. Download Freakyforms Deluxe 3ds rom, exact and copy ‘.3ds’ and ‘.save’ files to the root directory of the microSD of your SKY3DS+ (make sure the name is same)
2. Select your console version at The 3DS Homebrew Launcher, click ‘Download otherapp’, then you’ll get a file. Rename as ‘otherapp.bin‘ and copy to your 3DS sd card.
3. Download the latest version of freakyhax, extract it, you’ll get six files. Choose the same file with your console and copy ‘DCIM’ and ‘freaky.bin’ to the root of your 3DS sd card
4. Download homebrew starter kit, exact and copy all of the files to the root of 3DS sd card
5. Insert SKY3DS+ to 3DS console, then game icon will appear, press A button to start the game
6. Follow the screen, click Play → Camera → Load a QR code, and you’ll go to homebrew launcher.

For more detailed picture tutorials, you can visit this blog ... -0-34-eju/
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Re: freakyhax support the newest 3DS firmware V11.1.0-34 E/J

Post by xblackdemonx » Thu Sep 22, 2016 2:53 am

This is the PSVita forum :|

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Re: freakyhax support the newest 3DS firmware V11.1.0-34 E/J

Post by ChristinaR » Fri Sep 23, 2016 5:37 am

Great! i am considering using Freakyhax on my N3DS xl.

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