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Review on BlueCard (also named Blue 3DS) flashcard

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Review on BlueCard (also named Blue 3DS) flashcard

Post by jackmax » Thu Jul 23, 2015 3:15 am

BLUECARD is a new 3DS flashcard which is released by blue-3ds team and is designed for playing 3DS games on 3DS/3DS XL, NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL consoles.

It is compatible with firmware V4.1~V9.2 at present. It is also characterized by some nice features such as NAND backup and restore, EmuNand support, multi-rom support, retail game-card backup. What’s more, the official blue-3ds team announced that the 3DS game cheat feature was expected to added in the later firmware update.


Front side of the cards:


Back of the cards:


Directions for booting BlueCard: (For example V4.2.0-9)

1.The BlueCard firmware is V1.0 currently, so now just download it from here: blue 3ds card V1.0 firmware

2.After the downloading, pls extract the RAR file and you will get the below files & folders:


3.Copy all the files from the folder “DS Card(R4i)” , and paste them all into the root directory of a micro SD card directly.

4.Insert the micro SD card into the Blue 3DS blue card, and then insert the blue card into the 3DS console. Now power on the console, you will see a new icon.

5.Click this icon and start booting.

6.Click the “NVRAM INSTALLER”.

7.Click “A” to continue.

8.Choose the correct region of the console and press “A” to continue.

9.When it shows done, press “A” to exit.

10.Click the home button to go to the home screen:

Setting up the SD card

Usually you could get a built-in SD card at the side of the 3DS console. Open the folder “BC_1.0(Public Beta)” from the previously downloaded V1.0 firmware, copy the file “Launcher.dat” and paste it into the root directory of the built-in SD card of the console. Then insert this SD card back into the side of the 3DS console.

Booting into the Blue 3DS mode

1.Now the 3DS console is at home screen. Click “System Settings” and then click “Other Settings”.

2.Click “Profile”.

3.Click Nintendo DS Profile.

Congratulations ! Now you have come to the Blue 3DS mode.

Playing 3DS games with BlueCard
Pls copy and paste some 3DS roms into a third micro SD card. As long as the SD card is big enough, you can put as many games as you like. Put this micro SD card with games into the white card of Blue 3DS, and then insert it into the 3DS console.

Press the select button and the game list should show.

Choose one game and press “A”, and then the game icon should show on the bottom screen.

Now, just enjoy your games.

The Blue 3DS card is easy to use and set up, and more importantly it works great as described. Blue 3DS card is a good choice for you when playing 3DS games on firmware V4.1~V9.2 !

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