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Transfering your Mii Characters from Wii U to 3DS

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Transfering your Mii Characters from Wii U to 3DS

Post by Chrizzz1508 » Mon Sep 29, 2014 3:55 am

Hey Guys,

if you have a Wii U and just bought an 3DS you can easily transfer your Mii towards your 3DS by following these steps (i´ll mark the Steps on the Wii U in Blue and the Steps on the 3DS in Green):

Step 1: On your Wii U start the Mii Maker App
Step 2: Click on the Send/Receive button
Step 3: Click on the Connect with Nintendo 3DS button and turn to your 3DS

Step 4: On your 3DS start the Mii Maker App as well
Step 5: Click on the Send Receive button and choose Mii-Maker afterwards
Step 6: Choose Search for Players
Step 7: Click the Wii U button and afterwards on the Ok button, now turn back to your Wii U

Step 8: On your Wii U a Message should have popped up to let you know that your 3DS has been connected, just press OK
Step 9: Choose a Mii to send and press the sent button in the lower right side of the screen

Of course you can use the same method to transfer your 3DS Miis to your Wii U :)

CARE!: You only can edit the Mii on the new console if you have allowed the copy function for the Mii on the creators console!

If you have any questions feel free to PN me :)

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