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Need some help with the pricing of my consoles

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Need some help with the pricing of my consoles

Post by weklein » Sat Dec 28, 2019 1:31 pm

I'm trying to sell my consoles.. It is hard, yeah, but I need the money. I have a small collection of PlayStation consoles and games, a PS2, a PSP, PS3 and a PS4. I've been trying to sell my PS4 first but apparently something isn't right because no one is interested. My ps4 is a 1 and a half year old 500gb Slim model, in perfect condition along with its dualshock 4. I'm giving it with a couple of games on discs & my account (with all the details, email, passwords). The games I have are Gta V, Call of Duty Black ops 3 zombies chronicles Liteblue, Dead By Daylight with the Halloween and Texas Chainsaw dlc. Then I got Saints Row 4 re elected & gat out of heck and Assassin's Creed Odyssey. On my account I have Red Dead Redemption 2 ultimate edition, Fallout 4 with Vault-tec workshop and automatron dlc, Minecraft and That's you. The price of a new ps4 slim 500gb without any games and 1 controller is about 260€ ($288) here. I've set mine's to 280€ ($310.50), which I thought was a good price for a 1 year old console in such condition with these games. Do you think it's too high? How much would you pay for that. I hope someone can help me out because I don't wanna rip people off but I don't wanna give it away for free neither.

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