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#420627 by NNNRT
Wed Nov 01, 2017 4:50 pm
Disuh wrote:Hello, my name is Disuh, I'm currently in the life-long process of learning programming (I've been programming for just a few months, so I have quite some time to go), I have made a functioning Pong game for my PSP using the PyGame PSP port, which works quite good (after overclocking, not that difficult), but I don't think it has enough power for a game with more sprites, like Breakout, so I let it rest for a while.

And now I'm learning C, and I remembered how it's also possible (recommended?) to program in C for the PSP, I actually tried installing the SDK before but I didn't have as much (still not much, but more) knowledge about Linux, so I couldn't install some packages (Automake1.9 e.g.). But now I'm trying again, and even though the PSP scene has (very sadly) died down quite a bit, and sites like aren't online anymore, it would give me great satisfaction to write at least one functionable game in C for the PSP.

I hope there are still some PSP developers around in case I have questions, and hopefully one day I'll answer other people's questions on here.
Welcome to the forum, you came to the right place. We're happy you're here and working on the PSP scene, and I personally hope to see something nice from you for our PSPs soon. Good luck and have fun here :)
#420723 by Phantom+1
Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:48 pm
Hey all,
Phantom+1 here, long long time lerker first time joining. Only really joined because i noticed a lack of talk/topics in retro and xbox. PS is cool and i do enjoy the ps4 more but was lucky enough to have kids who want every penny out of me so we have both Xbox 1 and Ps4.

Retro why not? is really bothers me that the old school consoles and news dont get anything, you could be sat on a gold mine if you dont know what you got. (Sold 20+ consoles of mine for horse riding lessons for my little girl, before the boom) I rode a horse too, not a fan lol. For about £300, what i had is now worth well over a few grand.

A protoype N64 game Conkers bad fur day went for £68,100, impossible to find i know but still game prices of older games keep going up. That old pac-man on the atari Lynx is worth about £40 now. I know because of the last of the retro old *** that no one wanted is now actually worth going to the post office. :D

Anyways i hope we can get a retro section, and hello :D

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